March 6, 2011

FOODIE WEEK: gourmet recipes and patterns

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Its a foodie kind of week.

California  Strawberries are in and local ones are only months away.

Seed catalogs are arriving

and home canned fruit is a summer dream.


This Thursday March 10,  participate in  Victoria’s Premier Food Tasting Experience.

Culinaire will  present  the wonderful world of fine cuisine,

and provide scholarship awards for students enrolled in the Camosun College Culinary Arts Program.


It inspired me to  treat you to  tastings and  recipes, such as these

Veganized Pinwheels

and free patterns for quilts like

Springtime Mosaic Pinwheel Quilt Block



and food useful  patterns , like this   cute basket for your pinwheel cookies.


Start with a Chef hat of course .


Add a cute apron to buy , or make ( we have LOTS of patterns.)


Don’t forget safety with hot holders,

pot handlers ,

and free patterns for  oven mitts ( we have the Insulite and Insul-Brite.)


Grab an Energy Bar, and start cooking !

We’ll begin  with Gordon’s favourite : fruit crisp,

kept nice and warm in  Chili Pepper’s elegant casserole cover,

and  free carrier pattern.

Drop by Thursday for a taste of Gordon’s home made island berry delight,

and a cup of coffee.

Baked Potato soup , regular or vegan,

will be the taste treat on Friday.

We have potato baking bag kits ,  potato fabric,


and both designer and  free lunch bags pattern.

Saturday drop by  to try Matcha Tea mini cupcakes  ,

indulge in a low fat free quilt pattern,


or  a  spring table runner kit.

Find many  more Satin Moon favourite recipes on Our Shop page.

For a spectacular end to the week,  join us and the Victoria Grandmothers for Africa

this Saturday at the Gala Dinner & Textile Art Auction.

See the quilts this week  at the Martin Batchelor Gallery

or in the  show catalog   available at Satin Moon .






December 5, 2010


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The treasure chest is ready!

Christmas creations from Satin MoonTivoli Designs, Patchworks Studio and Designs to Share with You

Sue Howard

and a host of  other designers have filled the studio

with quilts large


and small,

along with clothing,

and of course aprons.

Baskets of kitchen accessories ,

pot holders

place mats and runners

tea cozies

in every

colour and style

as well as elegant

and amusing coasters

and wine bottles are ready for you.

There is a bounty of bags from

Lois Toutant

Laine Canivet

Lisa Girard

wool mitten bags

and change purses by Sue Howard.

Silk scarves

felt scarves

silken knitted scarves

and hand woven scarves are ready to adorn.

Travel pillows

and pillow cases are ready to delight.

Custom book marks by Anne Redding

calendars and photo albums

and journals are waiting to record personal memories .

Quilted baby jackets

baby booties

with matching quilts ,

baby bibs,

snuggy baby

sweaters ,

and the cutest

handknit hats,

and aprons are perfect for special little people.

So much delight awaits you on this table,

pincushions by Bent Pin Designs

and Ursula Riegel

ornaments too.

Lovingly assembled beginners quilting kits  created by Sue .

Bonnie’s charming fairies for a lucky few.

It is not too late for a custom cross

stitched heirloom stockings to be completed

by next week with your selected name .

Handmade cards by a many  of our artists will compliment one of a kind gifts.

The treasure are disappearing quickly, and will leave on Dec12th!

We also have supplies and suggestions

for making your own last minute gifts – all Christmas :  fabric, kits, books and patterns are on sale  .

Wish lists

gift suggestions

and gift certificates are  ready too !

Let these talented ladies start teaching you in 2011,

classes are ready for registration now!

February 26, 2010

A Lesson from the Diva

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September 11, 2010 I’ll be part of the Patchwork studio cruise to Alaska

I am so excited to teach about the art and symbolism of our area, in our area.

For years it was a unit in my Arizona art classes  .

Totem Talk and Play will be my first offering
The mystery of totem poles will be revealed through fun discovery and play with felt.

I will continue that theme with using David Moore Totem Batiks  when I teach

Floating Diamonds
Like the flash of orcas in the ocean, this easy floating diamond technique will delight and
amaze you.

But  FIRST I need  help from my DIVA

Ursula is getting me started on the Dancing Orca sample.

She  selects the main colour from the collection I have brought with me.

We discuss the logistics of a cruise class and refine the pattern to use 2  instead of 4 fabrics.

I LOVE collaboration with creative women.

The trimmings are immediately sorted into STRIPPING stations!

Then the basic 3 units are sewn together.

Followed by careful pressing .

I’ll need to tell my students to bring their mini irons .

Next a bit of origami folding

and careful pinning.

to tuck the diamond out of the way

before sewing .

Here we go!

Ta dah!

Another good press,

and unit one is complete.

Here is ONE way to arrange the units.

Then the final diamond. I think I’ve got it!

Now I just need to complete the runner AND make Ancient Cedar and  Northern Sunset
colour ways.

February 23, 2010

Ursula’s morning sewing room

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Its hard to leave the afternoon sun and beautiful quilts

of Ursula’s kitchen,


Home is Where the Heart Is

But more  beckons .

In the dining room   Ursula’s exquisitely hand pieced and hand quilted

Hands All Around

graces her table.

Down the hall another gallery of  trees  leads  to the

morning sun sewing room.

We are greeted  by  tools and

treasures  of her craft , past and present .

Classic older quilts grace the guest bed.

These hand crafted beauties were  the beginning of Ursula’s quilting journey.

They surround and inspire her newest directions in machine techniques ,

that fit into the lives of busy , modern women.

Ursula’s latest play  has  been  with bias strips ( remember her strips?)  .

This has inspired and been inspired by a new collection of patterns

like Easy Curves Easy Diamonds Easy Calm Shell and  Easy Apple Core .

Back to the design studio I get to  gather NEW inspiration for you at Satin moon,

hot off the press the highly  versatile quick  and easy Two at a Time.

Join our Super Sewing Week extravaganza  of sales and activities

MARCH 6 -14

for Ursula’ s hands on demo at the store.

But  right now ,on to my lesson.

I’ll be teaching  Ursula’s  floating diamonds technique from

Four By Four on the  Patchwork Studios Alaska Cruise September 11!

Hmmm, what a good use or Aeroplan miles.

But first I need to learn all the tips from the Diva!

February 16, 2010

Designs to Share with You – Ursula Riegel

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Join me on a visit  to the studio of friend and

Victoria design diva Ursula Riegel.

This is the womb of  “Designs to Share With You”

Here is Ursula ‘s  “office” space.

with a lesson and design exercise ready to share with me later in the afternoon.

But first a tour of her quilting life and treasures!

Her newest machine is  a Janome , mainly used for its Satin Stitch .

It is surrounded by Ursula’s fabric memories,

like her prototype Santa ,

available in her Christmas pattern series,

a quiet rhythm of colour and texture

and treasures from Germany .

To the left , a peaceful mountain view  rests beyond  Ursula’s main work station

and her most versatile and most loved Pfaff machine.

I could not resist  this  example

of her signature  jewel tones.

across the room, ideas and   mementos

and carefully organized supplies

are framed by her  miniatures collection.

These exquisite miniatures, Ursula explained ,

were a way to satisfy the desire  of  trying all the techniques

she just could not possibly fit, full size,

into her life time.

Finally I turn to admire a charming  collection of dolls, lovingly  created by Ursula,

gracing   an antique hutch

that Ursula painted in traditional folk style.


a magical doll house  with tiny dolls, rugs, furnishings  and quilts  handcrafted by Ursula.

The kitchen scene prompted Ursula

to fete me with a scrumptious apple cake, made  from the apple trees in her yard,

Another work of art.

Join me back here Thursday to see Ursula’s fabric collection  , art tree collection and second studio.

January 20, 2010

Gordon the Quilter

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Only 6 years ago Gord’s idea of a guy having a good time looked like this

but now he has discovered the true joy of quilting !

With the patience of his first quilt teacher Ursula Riegel

Gord created his first table runner, with a pocket knife instead of a seam ripper, much to Ursula’s horror

He dabbled with a triple rail from the left overs of our daughters’

honors thesis project

Place mats seemed like a reasonable project.

So in  a rare class by Laura McDonald creator of  Chili Pepper  designs

Gordon crafted  a wonderful set of Dove Tail placemats

Daphne Greig , was the next brave teacher

who guided  Gordon through the creation of a beautiful Give and Take

His original design was made  for our son in Arizona.

I’ll try and add a photo of it this week when we are in Tucson.

Next Daphne  guided Gord in the  creation of a quilt for nephew Josh’s wedding gift-

the red and gold quilt taking shape on  the design board

Next came the joy of small stuff….

Gord  did some mass production of pillow cases for family and staff ,

for every season.

Remember to see him in action at his Hot Dog Pillow Case Party Class

in June at Satin Moon

His first real challenge of a quilt was this batik beauty

which is Chico’s favourite

The ultimate challenge so far has been for Denise ,

Under whose unfailing good humor and superb teaching

Gordon created  a stunning Stack and Wack for our guest room.

He has just finished a wonderful quilt for my Dad’s 80th birthday…its in the mail and will be unveiled February 6

in Calgary