November 29, 2011

GIVE AND TAKE Fabric Applique Trunk SHow

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You are invited

to enjoy the spectacular new 2 part

DVD and BOOK   trunk show  by Patchworks Studio Divas

Susan Purney Mark

and Daphne Greig

 Give & Take Appliqué™

is the “no waste” fusing method

that takes advantage of positive/negative design,

and  a fusible like Steam a Seam 2.

It is a ‘two-for-one’ technique with perfect curves

and sharp points , guaranteed.

Daphne and Susan’s DVD shows you the simple steps for fusing,

cutting,  machine appliqué and

decorative stitches  .

Enjoy 2 hours of information and inspiration ,

including a trunk show of 30 of Susan and Daphne’s quilts,

and endless design possibilities  with

EQ7 files and pattern PDFs.

completely different

Give and Take  quilts

are featured in the companion book by Susan and Daphne .

New York Beauty Runner

is the suggested first project  to make .

It is  small  and the best way to learn the Give and Take Appliqué technique.

French Country Danse

is a  bed-size quilt using  the same block design as the table runner, in a slightly larger size.

It  is a great opportunity to use a coordinating collection of fabrics.

Chutes & Ladders 

  happens when a New York Beauty square block is turned into a rectangle.

This contemporary and intriguing asymmetrical block with many colour possibilities.

Grandma’s Pawpaws and Sweet Mixed Pickles

was inspired by a traditional Pickle Dish block,

Daphne first chose  border fabric that she liked, then built a palette of fabric and colours .

The smooth curves and sharp points are  easy to achieve  with Give and Take Appliqué. .

Lupine Rings, a variation of

  Wedding Ring made  easy  with Give and Take Appliqué  is a lovely tradition to  commemorate a special event-

like a spring wedding .

Citrus Salad

uses a  ‘juicy’ colour assortment reminiscent of a traditional Drunkard’s Path block.

Like Susan, try  it in your  favourite colour, choosing values from light to dark .

Still a little unsure ?

Stencils  by Daphne and Susan make it even easier and faster !

Friend Sharon Pederson, another Island  author and designer, will give you even more

applique guidance and inspiration.

 to come into Satin Moon

and find  what happens when you take six classic quilt patterns and create two fusible appliqués with one cut.

This Saturday only Daphne will be here to answer your questions and autograph your books an DVD’s.


Give & Take Fabric Appliqué – 11/14/2011
Reviewer: James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief from Oregon, WI, USA

“Give & Take Fabric Appliqué” presents a fine two-for-one technique that offers hand or machine-friendly appliqué techniques perfect for all kinds of projects – and presents 12 different projects for using them. Patterns can be adapted to numerous patterns, traditional patterns can be used with the fabric appliqué approach, and full-page color photos and patterns make for a collection easy to duplicate. Any beginning quilter or newcomer to appliqué will find this a fine starting place! –James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief, Midwest Book Review, California Bookwatch, November 2011.

Give & Take Fabric Appliqué – 10/19/2011
Reviewer: Patti Ives, The Appliqué Society from USA

Authors and quiltmakers Daphne Greig and Susan Purney Mark have been working on their “Give & Take Fabric Appliqué” design concept since 2006. This book is the result of their thinking about traditional quilt patterns, commonly constructed with traditional methods, and wondering how they can make these designs using their “Give & Take” appliqué technique. Give & Take appliqué is a method where patterns are created using fusible web. As you cut out the pattern you find a positive image and a negative image. Both of these images are then used to create the blocks. By combining this two-for-one technique you are able to make tricky shapes super easy to appliqué. The appliqué method of choice is of course machine appliqué and you are encouraged to use the decorative stitches on your machine. You will find a comprehensive section on fabrics, tools, materials and techniques. Start small with the table runner project and before you know it you will be creating quilts using long-time favorite block patterns such as New York Beauty, Double Wedding Ring and Pickle Dish with ease. Many of the 12 different projects in this book are fat quarter friendly and all result in spectacular finished pieces

Give & Take Fabric Appliqué is a beautiful how-to book that belongs in every ser – 10/19/2011
Reviewer: James A. Cox, Midwest Book Review from Oregon, WI, USA

“Give & Take Fabric Appliqué” is a sampler quilter’s workbook about using a new technique called Give And Take Appliqué. Using fusible web and a Teflon appliqué pressing sheet, along with an assortment of preferred fabrics, the quilter is taken step-by-step through the process of choosing design and fabrics, cutting pressing and stitching. The first two chapters deal with fabric fundamentals and tools and technique. Complete patterns for tracing appliqués are enclosed for a variety of beautiful appliqué projects. This book contains a plethora of creative appliqué quilted projects that can be tackled at the reader’s choice or discretion. Stunning full-color photos, clear concise instructions make the projects accessible to the aspiring, determined quilter. James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief, The Midwest Book Review, Wisconsin Bookwatch, October 2011, The Needlecraft Shelf.

Waste Not, Want Not – 09/06/2011
Reviewer: Anonymous from Marietta, GA

Such a fun technique. I am always up for trying something new yet often it takes too long to do it perfectly. This fun technique brings fairly instant gratification. The play of positive and negative gives a graphic dimension that makes even the least talented at choosing fabrics successful. Try it!

Give & Take Fabric Applique – 08/02/2011
Reviewer: Vivian Benton from Pittsburgh

I had the opportunity to take a class from Daphne Greig and Susan Purney Mark at Quilt Market a few years ago where they taught this technique. I love the fact that there’s no waste—what you take from one block, you give to another. So I’m happy to see a book dedicated to this technique. Originally based on the New York Beauty style quilt, they have expanded to designs using the Double Wedding Ring and Pickle Dish! And you can certainly adapt the projects in the book to other patterns. Nice book!


November 13, 2011

Astonomy as Quilter’s Muse – stellar inspiration

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Real life action figure

Jimmy McBride  is the hot new man on the quilting scene.

The Crab  Nebula quilt

87″ x 78″

his hand and machine quilted with hand embroidery, sent me on an intergalactic search .

Not too surprising, N.A.S.A. is a major inspirational source and promoter of

space themed quilts..

Astronomy enthusiast

Judy Ross , our Washington neighbor has

interpreted some of the Hubble Space Telescope’s best galactic and extragalactic vistas.

   What Hubble Saw , 41 inch by 38 inch

Astronomical quilts have a venerable past :

This Solar System quilt was made by Ellen Harding Baker of Cedar County, Iowa, in 1876.

It is 89″ long and 106″ wide. The wool top of this applique quilt is embellished with wool-fabric applique, wool braid,

and wool and silk embroidery. was used as a teaching aid in Baker’s astronomy lectures and based on textbook illustrations available at the time. According to the museum, “astronomy was an acceptable interest for women in the 19th century and was sometimes even fostered in their eduction.

Smithsonian National Museum of American History

  The 7th planet from the sun was discovered in 1791 by Herschel, an astronomer.

This planet was later renamed Uranus in the late 19th C. This fabulous appliqued quilt depicts the 7 known planets, their moons, rings, and axis angles during orbit. A written label lends information regarding each planet; the colors are bright and the background toned. This quilt is absolutely attic fresh.Hammer Price: $64,000

But is is the Hubble Telescope

that has allowed us

new vistas of earth as seen from space

“Hubble to Earth” by Louise Harris

This represents the inner workings of the Hubble with earth’s blue oceans as seen from above.

Elemental Blue Water by

Martha Cole

And of the heavens from beyond earth .

Colliding Mice Galaxies 

38″h x 62″w ©2008

by     Ann Harwell

Across the Universe

A quilted montage of 8 public domain images of distant nebulas taken by the Hubble Space Telescope.
The  image is printed on  EQ Printables inkjet fabric sheet The finished size is 12.5″ x 16″.

Constellation of the Deer

by Paulette Landers

 Orion Nebula

Cone Nebula by

Liz in Ypsilanti

Australian art quilters, Art Quilts Around the World  

challenged themselves with  photographs from the Hubble Space station,


created a beaded   Star  nebula of  evolon , purple velvet and angelina with

free motion embroidery  mounted on black felt

with a needle punched edge.

The study of the stars  inspired and explosion of colour energy by

author and artist Eileen Wright

 and stellar paper piecing techniques 

by artist and author  Judy Mathieson

and interior explorations  like

Stellar Crystal  by Margaret K Silverstone   

Home Astronomy Quilt of the Week

  Six by seven foot quilt consisting of 52 individual pieces (11 inches by 8 inches)

Let Judy Ross’s weekly  journal  project  inspire you to launch  your creativity into intergalactic exploration !

October 31, 2011

Gift Apron ( and a few etc) Favourites!

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Mary is one of my favourite apron designers

One of the  newest patterns offers 4  totally different patterns,

including a doll apron

which we showed

at the BC
Home  Ec Teachers conference.

Along with the my new favourites shapes and styles

Everyday and Elegant -Full Fair

Easy Reversible Aprons

Of course I still love the comfort and design versatility

of Apple Cobbler

and the very easy Wrap Front.

I am very excited to have extra copies to sell of the YaYa sisters

Sew Sweet Gifts

 A 24 page book of old fashioned projects,

sensible but stylish Lo-Sew and No Sew and are great for  friends , family and bazaars

like ( but not the same as ) the following and much more :

Clothespin Holder ( 2 fat quarters)

Potato Baker/Icebag Holder

Sewing Expo Backpack Totebag

Handtowel Baby Bib with Velcro Back Opening

Reversible Burpies

Binkie Blankie (for the pacifier).

If aprons are your passion, like mine,  Denise Clason’s new book is fabulous.

Besides apron patterns

it is filled with recipes and kitchen  accessories .

We also have a selection of  great Indigo Junction  ,

and Vanilla House patterns,

if we don’t have the one you want , let us order it for you.

Need a quick grab and sew?

Our  remaining  Mother’s Apron kits are  40% off

October 9, 2011

Fast and Fun Halloween Stash Busters

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I am stuffed with Canadian Thanksgiving  pie

Pumpkin of course,

and excitedly thinking of fast and fun Halloween stash busters.

First to mind are pumpkins , from  felt

and fabric    pincushions

to a bounty of pumpkin

and delectable squash  decorations.

I love this quick and easy wreath for the front door,

and a similar swag  or bunting for the  fireplace or stair railing .

Grandkids can help with fabric crayon pictures, and their  ( EQ) photos on custom pennants.

Fused fabric or felt leaves

can be spiced up with felt  characters

or candy corn , painted or pieced.

Whip up a very quick no sew  runner with fabric strips , craft cloth and mod podge ,

or quick piecing and ribbon.

Add a few Halloween napkins for decorative baskets .

A quick  pin for yourself and friends is a must ,

maybe with a small bag of treats ,

 or perhaps a real treat of a  bag .

Still short on Halloween supplies or inspiration ?

We ‘re here  to help you !

September 25, 2011

Thoughts of Quilted Sugar Plums

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The leaves are turning
and it’ s time for me to find the
greatest inspirations for your fall quilting and gift making.

My favourite two  newest books  are :
published by  Lark Crafts.
This one is especially terrific for the under 30 crowd …both as inspiration and great gift giving .
The projects are quick, fun and trendy.
The projects  include stitchery,
patchwork, accessories and
and home dec .

Since its debut, the Pretty Little series has been a pretty big success–and this “best of” compilation presents 100 charming and totally easy needlearts projects from the previous eight books. From cozies, mini-quilts, and organic cotton pillows to pincushions, potholders, patchwork, purses and pouches, these stitched items feature the latest trends in fabric, design, and embellishment, Practical, adorable, and perfect to keep or give as a gift, every appealing.

You can try out a free project and see if you enjoy their style!

by Interweave Press is perfect if you love  hand  work.

Bringing together simple techniques and beautiful natural fabrics with elegant but easy-to-work designs, this workbook offers first-time stitchers and experienced embroiderers alike a hands-on guide for injecting garments and accessories with a marvelous palette of color. Simple hand-worked embroidery, exquisite natural fabrics, and several cross-craft techniques combine to create 12 striking projects with 20 elegant and contemporary designs.

The embroidery projects, each presented with step-by-step instructions and color illustrations, include a floral motif on a pair of Mexican-style espadrilles, a bull’s-eye pillow created in multicolored wool appliqu+, a beaded evening bag, a crazy patchwork cover for books and pillows, a heart appliqu+ quilt for a children’s bed, traditional floral motifs for a shirt or pair of jeans, and a flame-stitch canvas pillow.

There are many luscious opportunities to use Valdani , Lecien and Kreinik  embroidery threads, on  Lecien linen and gorgeous  Wooly lady hand felted and hand dyed wools.

I’m already excited about Christmas pleasures!

September 11, 2011

Machine Quilting Poetry- Guest Artist Jennifer Watson

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Commentary and quilts by Jennifer :

“Thistle Pods”

 Thistle Pods, Judy Niemeyer Quilting (96×96)

Judy Niemeyer designs a big but, oh so rewarding paper pieced quilt.

Traditional feathering is what this quilt needed to maintain its theme.

Love the colours,

LOVE all 2354 pieces that it needed,

love  it even more now that it is finished!

(back lit)

The family name for this quilt was “Ethel Thayer’s Thistle Pods”.

Memories of Sisters”

  Memories of Sisters, Vivienne Moore Designs (29×39)

Vivienne Moore’s wee quilt provided me with a larger than postcard memento of the Sister’s Outdoor Quilt Show.  Quilts in front, the barren floor of the forest, the tall Ponderosa Pines and the misty cool mountains beyond are exactly what the view is if you are fortunate enough to visit this sweet Oregon town on the second Saturday in July. Mostly stitch-in-the-ditch completes this mini quilt.


Poppies, Pamela Mostek for Clothworks (56×56)


Pamela Mostek’s pattern has bold and beautiful blooms mixed in with crazy fabric choices.

Who would have thought they would all go together to make such a vibrant and stunning quilt?  Accent quilting around the poppies creates a 3D effect.


Coneflower Garden, JWD Publishing (51×65)


Yes, they ARE coneflowers although they have also been known as jellyfish

(The Jelly Quilt) in our family!

Tone-on-tone quilting enhances the pattern while subtly creating another dimension to the piecing.  However you see them, they sure make a pretty wall hanging.

Coneflowers? Jellies? Whatever!  Pattern by JWD Publishing

“September Memories”

Shades of Autumn, Kathleen Starr,  Starr Design Fabrics, Inc. (60×60)


Golden summer ripens into a riot of glorious fall splendor.  September signals the start of a new school year and our colourful summer memories remain vivid as they float lazily around us on the backs of falling leaves. A stipple and meander quilting job keeps the “airiness” of this quilt.  Shades of Autumn by Starr Design Fabric

“West Coast Stars”

Fractured Stars, Lawry Thorn, Stitchin’ Post Publications (57×67)

Ocean shades of beautiful fabrics all blend together to make this a very restful and calming quilt.

Grid work, feathers and

creative ruler work support the overall design.

Wall hanging or throw – a lovely quilt that reminds us of the fabulous ocean we have outside our doors.  No wonder everyone comes to visit us here!  Aren’t we lucky to live in such a remarkable place?  Fractured Stars pattern by Lawry Thorn


Sisters Scape, Valori Wells, The Stitchin’ Post (80×96)

As the youngest in the family, I have been influenced by my older sisters since the minute I was born.  I have watched Paula draw, sculpt, paint, write, sing and create art that expresses her views on life.  I have modeled for, edited with, been sung to and laughed with her for years.  She was my greatest cheerleader in all my creative avenues.

“Just try it, Jenny”.

We shared a room. Julie was the reason I actually started quilting.  She had sewn for years (Mum’s genes that I didn’t get enough of!), and had watched me struggle trying to make just about anything.  She sent me a large nine-patch Christmas quilt with some pre-printed blocks in it.  I did it!  And survived!  There was a sigh of relief from the members of my household and I was inspired to try something else.

Julie never made it to Sisters, Oregon, though we bought this pattern together.  I used some of the hand-dyed fabrics we made together in my garden.  Both Paula and Julie saw this quilt in its final stages, though it was not yet completed. Valori Wells’ pattern is named for the range of mountains near her home (Sisters Scape), but for me the title and mountains have a whole different meaning.

My label says it all.

“The Gypsy Quilt”

Maypole by April Cornell, pattern by Lisa Christensen for Moda (74×85)

This colourful quilt is simply pieced and quilted and makes me feel happy every time I see it.  The fabric is bright, busy and full of movement, and the all-over loop design contributes to a carefree feeling.  The April Cornell Fabric does all the talking, and that’s fine by me.

Maypole pattern by Lisa Christensen. Free at Moda


Garden Trails, Kathleen Starr, Starr Design Fabric, Inc. (79×79)


Quiet, soft, pastel shades and delicate flowers on vines remind us that spring has come and it is time to get out and begin reclaiming your garden.

A centered edge-to-edge pattern as well as free-motioned vines and leaves create movement.

Starr Design Fabric calls this pattern “Garden Trails”.


High Desert Paprika, Valori Wells,  The Stitchin’ Post (80×92)


A VERY large pattern is used for some of this paper piecing.

I loved the soft earth tones in this design and was able to play around with different quilting techniques in the blocks and borders. I nearly called it “My Mum Likes Cacti”.  High Desert Paprika pattern by Valori Wells.

“Fabric Fiesta”

And Your Point Is…With a Twist, Crooked Nickel Quilt Designs (46×58)


What were we thinking to select all these loud and vibrant batiks and stick them all in one quilt?  What does it remind you of?  Mardi Gras?  Circus colours?  It sure wakes up the senses and is a great way to use up scraps. Accenting the flowers in the borders and using a peacock pattern in the sashing anchors this busy, patterned quilt.  Crooked Nickel Quilt Designs.

“Garden Vines”

Indian Vine, Leslie Price, Painted Pony ‘n Quilts (60×72)

I never liked the 30’s fabrics!  What happened?  Saw this “Indian Vine” pattern from Leslie Price and fell in love before I realized what it was.  Yoyos?  Never liked those either, but now they are on, I am reluctantly admitting they do add that extra something. Micro-stippling in the panels allows for the vines and flowers to really pop.  Now it’s a favourite wall-hanging and I’m looking at the 30’s with different eyes!

“Celtic Wave”

 Celtic Wave, Judy Niemeyer Quilting (90×90)

Made as a wedding gift and stitched with love for a special couple.  Pebbling creates texture and shows off those medallions. Feathers and grid work are also included.  Are you able to find four hearts?  All 2700 pieces of fabric in Judy Niemeyer’s pattern allows one to REALLY explore their love of geese, geese and more geese. 


August 28, 2011

Improv quilting

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What are the young girls doing?

Improve quilting :

It is often the people who have never made a quilt who are the most open to the process of improvisation, because they don’t have to fight down THE RULES.

Inspired by the Quliters of Gees Bend ,

 Nancy Crow ,

Denyse Schmidt ,


Gwen Marston,

Modern Quilters

are approaching  quilting as exploration and process.

Discovering without rules .

Loving solids

Often beginning with a wonky log cabin

super sizing ,

looking to

” to quilt outside the lines and to find our own voice as quilters”

    Fresh, incongruous ,

mighty fine and fun stuff.

Try some !

 Modern Quilt group meets

4th Sunday of the month at Satin Moon

July 24, 2011

Beading Fantasy with Eileen Neil

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Eileen Neil, Vancouver Island’s own

bead diva

orchestrated a delightful and comprehensive day

for eight

talented and enthusiastic


Eileen loves to  explore surface design with unusual materials and  beads

so of course her store

accompanied her

to charm  each person

with  their heart’s  desire .

Patient demos were supplemented with extensive notes

nurturing guidance

and individualized attention.

Participants were

especially intrigued

 and excited

by the many




on all the tables

around the classroom.

Further inspiration

and challenge

was provided with

advanced technique samples.

Eileen shared her

favourite books .

She even treated herself

to some of our holographic, Krenink threads!

A very happy day for all!

July 17, 2011

On the Mark …some new and old favourites for marking your quilt top

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All ready?  Get set
quilt !     Doodle on a paper,
or on the screen with EQ layer 3 , until you find
the perfect,
or good enough , quilt as desired design.
Tried and true, and some new tools  will make the job easier and successful.
You may  select a pre-cut plastic stencil,
or create your own.
Manually trace your design as desired.
For a no mark method try Golden Threadspaper  . It is a lightweight, semi transparent paper that

 eliminates the need to directly mark your quilt top,

and can be   done

AFTER the quilt is sandwiched , even after  stitch in the ditch stabilizing  is complete.

Copy or create your template  drawing ,
create multiples  by stacking ( with 505 spray)
up to 15 sheets  of Golden Paper
 needle punching  along the lines with 90/14 Schmetz needles and no thread .
Then   atatched the perforated sheets  to your top with pins ,
or Elmer’s Sticker Dot Stamper.
Quilting through the paper, then tear it  away.
Tear away stabilizers may be used in a similar method.
Tulle  , plastic templates and stencils,
may be manually marked and traced onto your top with a number of removable pens or pencils .
The NEWEST to the market ( and the shop) is Frixion Thermo-sensitive Gel Ink 
 The lines erase with heat or friction , on fabric as well as paper!
Great not only for quilting but also  sewing lines, applique placement , embroidery designs and sketching.
 Ursula  and Daphne ,  recommend  tried and true  water soluble blue line markers .
We enjoy Clover brand  .
Recently many quilters have switched to   chalk mechanical pencils,
 the best for extra fine lines,  and perfect  fine detail.
Traditionalists , and those slightly heavier handed like Gordon,
swear by the Roxanne  pure chalk, 100% water soluble silver , easy glide erasable pencils .
Eco quilters may wish to try Soapstone a safe natural product, ideal for dark fabrics.
Marks are removed by  gently rubbing fabric or washing fabric with plain water.
My personal favourite is Pounce .You actually SWIPE chalk through your plastic or perforated Golden Paper stencil.
The marks stay  until removed with steam iron  .
We recommend a peruse through a good book
or two , before
you  prepare your sandwich
and load  your bobbins –
Gordon likes Wonderful Invisifil bobbin thread- because it lasts soooooo long.

Daphne  would love to guide and share all her tricks   with you  in her August classes

Saturday, August 13,  #44   walking foot   in the morning

and #45  free motion ,  in the afternoon

 with dogs down, of course.

July 3, 2011


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While shop hoppers  buzzed in and out of Satin Moon

3 elves magically  came into being.

Design Diva, Lisa Girard, of Tivoli Designs

over saw the construction

of  yet another  advent calendar whimsey.

Julnissen are  helpful household fairies that bring good luck to the home,

important components of  Lisa and my childhood memories .

First colourful body parts and appendages,


 and hats were created.

Jumpers with pockets to hold goodies,

enlivened with cute as a bug ribbon from our children’s section ,

and appliques ,artfully  cut by Lisa

and skillfully sewn

were readied for the waiting bodies.

Time to get dressed!

A few little tugs and

Uff da ,and  they were ready,

to jump on the Christmas express train ,

and get to the village

so they can get to work

on  Christmas delights ,

just like us!

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