November 20, 2011

5th year Mystery Quilts Revealed !

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Sherri Hisey


Border Creek Station

designs our favourite mystery quilts

Sarah, one of the younger quilters

tackled  last year’s in flannel  to create this  dynamic

interpretation of  QUILTERS JOURNEY

Christine  worked in cotton and also used the light accent, dark background

for a very different mood and effect in her queen size  interpretation.

Marsha worked in subdued  flannel ,

with the opposite light value scheme

for her airy and delicate rendition.

Marsha loved the way the complex border came together just like magic .

Cathy used batiks

in her ethereal  creation called Lily Pond ,

complete with

signature dragonfly button.

Cathy likes the geometry and complexity of Sherri’s mystery designs.


created sophisticated

drama  in flannel .

Susan enjoys the rigor of not being  able to second guess the outcome of the mystery.

Judy once again

stepped outside the colour box

in K Fassett shot cotton and batiks .

Judy loves the surprise of the Border Creek Crossing Mysteries !

Coach Gordon appreciated the clear  and easy instructions..

not that he didn’t manage a couple little errors,

and Chico REALLY like the cuddly flannel .

It’s not too late to join in our Canadian FUN,

and join this year’s mystery!



  1. Elizabeth said,

    Just Beautiful!

    All you quilters made a fantastic quilt.Congratulations!

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