September 4, 2011

Jennifer Watson: dressing the naked quilt

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For many of us the most perplexing words are


Some prefer to do it themselves.

Some of us receive the most pleasure from piecing

 and collecting the tops .

Then we entrust our labour of love to a professional long arm quilter,


Jennifer started out sewing pajamas , but art was her real cat’s pajamas,

nurtured by a  a family of highly creative people .

Most of her life she has been an

educator and foster Mum , as well as an artist and quilter.

Jennifer is well qualified to  transform  the frazzled quilter,

and her naked quilt.

Jennifer’s personal quilting room

with its soothing view,

and work in progress, is a good place to start your  discussion,

and view  Jennifer’s impressive samples .

Jennifer will have ideas ready, if you send her a photo ahead of time.

You will contemplate the  many options  that change the mood and look of the quilt

with different block emphasis , texture and pattern.

This will include  the selection of thread, yours or Jennifer’s.

She has a expansive collection of sheens , weights and  colous .

More options will be discussed in the quilting room.

Edge-to – Edge/ Hand Guided Pantograph,

and custom combinations of laser and creative designs  to enhance the individual blocks, borders and style of your quilt maybe  including  a hidden image or a “secondary story” .

You may consider  Heirloom  for a traditional quilt  and  an exceptional finished product.   Feathers, cross-hatching, echo-stitching, extensive stitch-in-the-ditch and micro background filler  and

McTavishing  may be selected.

Prices for professional long-arm quilting by Jennifer  range from $.02-.08/sq.inch.

Jennifer is also proficient withdistinctive finishes

such as  couching,and  thread painting Prices will vary depending on the technique and size of each piece.

Likely  she will graciously offer you a cup of tea and some garden time as you think.

When you say I love it, Jennifer will be ready to transform your quilt.

Like any great couturier she will camouflage your little flaws.

This Sunday  September 11,  from noon to 1:00pm

to meet Jennifer and her amazing quilts in person.

These images are just a teasers

not the actual quilts

but just the inspiration

that created the  jaw dropping quilts

 and  stunning quilting

that will dress Satin Moon

and delight

and inspire

your autumn quilting adventures.

Treat yourself  next Sunday!


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