August 28, 2011

Improv quilting

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What are the young girls doing?

Improve quilting :

It is often the people who have never made a quilt who are the most open to the process of improvisation, because they don’t have to fight down THE RULES.

Inspired by the Quliters of Gees Bend ,

 Nancy Crow ,

Denyse Schmidt ,


Gwen Marston,

Modern Quilters

are approaching  quilting as exploration and process.

Discovering without rules .

Loving solids

Often beginning with a wonky log cabin

super sizing ,

looking to

” to quilt outside the lines and to find our own voice as quilters”

    Fresh, incongruous ,

mighty fine and fun stuff.

Try some !

 Modern Quilt group meets

4th Sunday of the month at Satin Moon



  1. Jo-Anne Allbutt said,

    Working with the right side of the brain leading the process. Very refreshing.

    The quilting medium has been transformed in to an art form quickly gaining the interest of some of the most trendiest designers.

    • satinmoon said,

      It is really exciting and gratifying for me to see quilters embracing themselves as artists and playing with textiles for the joy thrill, and occasional glory.

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