August 21, 2011

Red and White Quilt Excitement

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Maybe its being a  Canadian of

Scandiavian descent,

that I find myself drawn to red and white

especially, quilts.

I was thrilled to read about  Infinite Variety.

 For 6 glorious days in March of 2011

651 quilts

from New York quilt collector Joanna Rose

 were on public display.  at the New York  Park Avenue Armory.

Red and white has been  a classic color combination in quilt making,
since the early 19th century

with the  discovery of  colorfast  Turkey red dye

derived from Mediterranean   madder root.

Redwork embroidered quilts  also flourished .


 remains just as charming and popular today,

including machine embroidery applications .

I challenge you to look through your stash,

or find something new ,

and create a red and white quilt .

It could be a quick  strip quilt,

maybe with a few extra colours,

or  a collection  of Yoyos

made into my all time favourite.

Patchwork finches  or

pin cushions might better fit your fancy and timeline  .

I think

l’ll try some of the Valdani pearl cotton

on  the new Lecien Whitewash

 and a Rosalie Quinlan

 or Crabapple Hill design .

Then lets get together  and have a red and white quilt show party

at Satin Moon in November !



  1. Jo-Anne Allbutt said,

    We all have red & white fabric and I am guessing the majority of us have always wanted to do a red & white quilt but have never gotten around to it.

    Sounds like the time is here. What a sight it will be to see a mirage of red & whites! Our own little New York exhibit in Victoria’s satin moon!

    • satinmoon said,

      Thank you Jo-Anne, I know it will be spectacular.I am so glad you want to play!

  2. sharon mcewen-moore said,

    Thank you so much for adding my red and white yo-yo quilt to your lovely Blog. I am thrilled!!!

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