July 31, 2011


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She is a lady of considerable


A showcase of our amazing  local talent

 visiting artists, trunk shows,

and classes .

Situated in historic

downtown Victoria.

on the edge of Canada’s oldest Chinatown

which includes benefits such as   fresh vegetables

and New Year visits from the dragon.

Satin Moon is a must see destination for International quilters,

and a   a haven for downtown workers,

 especially those who share Centennial Square with us,

and the growing number of newly retired    urban quilters  .

Our core staff, including seamstress extraordinaire  Joan ,

 Sharron who takes care of

fabric inventory,

and Jo, our patient   bookkeeper,

all of  whom have decades long history in keeping the

the quilts

computerized inventory

and finances in meticulous order .

Seriously consider this opportunity of a lifetime,

if you love luscious fabrics

quilt design and quilt shows

and happy, creative , interesting people

from around the world.



  1. Dawn Weaver said,

    The Satin moon blog is one of a few I immediately open to see what is new, book mark and go back to. The class room availabilitly for groups like the applique folk is super, the posted class projects beautifully done and the fabric variety excellent. On my top 2 destinations when I am downtown I love the place and the helpful staff and friendly customers.

    • satinmoon said,

      It is such a pleasure to serve and know wonderful Island quilters like you Dawn. You inspire us!

  2. Virginia Danby said,

    so if we are interested in more information about the business, how to we get in touch with the right people?

    • satinmoon said,

      Dear Virgina,
      Gordon and I are the shop owners. You may call the number given on the home page add http://www.satin-moon.com
      or any of the store contact numbers 1-250-383-4023
      Thank s for asking!

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