July 17, 2011

On the Mark …some new and old favourites for marking your quilt top

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All ready?  Get set
quilt !     Doodle on a paper,
or on the screen with EQ layer 3 , until you find
the perfect,
or good enough , quilt as desired design.
Tried and true, and some new tools  will make the job easier and successful.
You may  select a pre-cut plastic stencil,
or create your own.
Manually trace your design as desired.
For a no mark method try Golden Threadspaper  . It is a lightweight, semi transparent paper that

 eliminates the need to directly mark your quilt top,

and can be   done

AFTER the quilt is sandwiched , even after  stitch in the ditch stabilizing  is complete.

Copy or create your template  drawing ,
create multiples  by stacking ( with 505 spray)
up to 15 sheets  of Golden Paper
 needle punching  along the lines with 90/14 Schmetz needles and no thread .
Then   atatched the perforated sheets  to your top with pins ,
or Elmer’s Sticker Dot Stamper.
Quilting through the paper, then tear it  away.
Tear away stabilizers may be used in a similar method.
Tulle  , plastic templates and stencils,
may be manually marked and traced onto your top with a number of removable pens or pencils .
The NEWEST to the market ( and the shop) is Frixion Thermo-sensitive Gel Ink 
 The lines erase with heat or friction , on fabric as well as paper!
Great not only for quilting but also  sewing lines, applique placement , embroidery designs and sketching.
 Ursula  and Daphne ,  recommend  tried and true  water soluble blue line markers .
We enjoy Clover brand  .
Recently many quilters have switched to   chalk mechanical pencils,
 the best for extra fine lines,  and perfect  fine detail.
Traditionalists , and those slightly heavier handed like Gordon,
swear by the Roxanne  pure chalk, 100% water soluble silver , easy glide erasable pencils .
Eco quilters may wish to try Soapstone a safe natural product, ideal for dark fabrics.
Marks are removed by  gently rubbing fabric or washing fabric with plain water.
My personal favourite is Pounce .You actually SWIPE chalk through your plastic or perforated Golden Paper stencil.
The marks stay  until removed with steam iron  .
We recommend a peruse through a good book
or two , before
you  prepare your sandwich
and load  your bobbins –
Gordon likes Wonderful Invisifil bobbin thread- because it lasts soooooo long.

Daphne  would love to guide and share all her tricks   with you  in her August classes

Saturday, August 13,  #44   walking foot   in the morning

and #45  free motion ,  in the afternoon

 with dogs down, of course.


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