July 11, 2011

SHOP HOP RESULTS – Compassionate Warehouse the Winner !

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Over a hundred of you joined in our shop hop fun.

I enjoyed seeing old friends,  and was delighted to meet all the  FIRST TIME HOPPERS!

I anxiously await seeing how you put the blocks and quilt together!

At week’s end many visited the donation tent

set up by  Val and Bonnie  from Beehive ,and myself.

The knitting community donated over 400 pounds,

2 car fulls , of yarn.

Val is sorting , before it is knit up into useful item and donated to Canada Cares.

Quilters  brought in over 300 meters of cloth.

Our winner recieved  of a $ 50 gift certificate  for donating her cloth .

Two nice sized bags of small scraps were dropped off  to donate to WIN

..to be recycled into paper.

We  encouraged you to continually  take your cotton  meterage

to the  Compassionate Resources Warehouse

  and your cotton scraps to WIN.

We will continue to collect and deliver these items, as well as pillowcases for the Cridge.

It feels  GOOD  to clear out your  space  and  help others  at the same time!

Pippa realized she did not need the fabric right now,

and Compassionate Resource Warehouse was in desperate need of cotton cloth .

Gwen, was positively ECSTATIC when I contacted her at CRW.

She and Elsie , are in charge of sewing machine repairs and manual retrofit .

So far CRW has received, repaired , converted to hand power and shipped over

1000 donated sewing machine all over the world.

Old machines  are preferred because of the metal bodies

and simple , essentially indestructible  parts.

I  witnessed the beginning of a machine’s journey when I arrived.

An ambulance  crammed full of supplies was being  readied for Haiti.

Once the machines are repaired and converted,

Gwen stuffs the arm space with bobbins  thread and notions,

and then wraps the machine  in cotton fabric to pad it , before setting on the case.

This way , not only is the machine protected, but the recipient is ready to sew when the case is opened.

Gwen’s  personal passion  is  a school in Nepal to whom she takes machines,

teaches sewing ,

some English and basic computer skills ,

 and a little hokey pokey.

After talking to Gwen ,I have a  strong tug to become a wandering educator once again.

There are many opportunities for you such as   Quilts for Kids ,

where  you can purchase a handmade quilt , and  fund a student’s education for a year!

Give your fabric a chance for  a new life

that will change a life .


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