June 26, 2011

HOW TO create a signature quilt

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Signature quilts begin with an inspiration

and desire to share a  theme ,

be it

history,   memories

personal accomplishment  ,

a landmark celebration,

or a beloved collection .

Once you have a purpose , then you need to a group of participants.

How many are willing to make a square ?

Can anyone sew ?

Does anyone have time to sew or learn?

Will you  do the  majority of the assembly  ?

Or can you hire someone whose passion is quilting ?

Take the time to look though some books.

Many talented  quilt authors have assembled

ideas and examples in books and on the web ,

that might spark you.

Simple squares

 maybe with  scrap  sashing , with or without

prints or appliques ,can be the basis of a great  quilt.

Use   Bethany Reynold’s  friendship  block   to create a pieced block quilt.

Consider using   precuts charm squares  to save time.

Confident quilters can consider   a traditional friendship  block,

or a  simple  paper pieced block.

Most important is  ensuring  that there are enough squares for the quilt

and that they are all the same size.

Distributed  your squares, fabric  or blocks with very clear instructions.

Mark “no write”  seam allowance 

or provide frames to center and  trace .

For less stretch and tug when drawing , iron on

freezer paper .

Mention NOT to write on the paper side, but the fabric side.

“Do not underestimate how your carefully crafted instructions will get misinterpreted!”

For more fun, and control, assemble a party and create together  .


encourage practice  of signatures and quotes

with Y&C FabricMate fabric pens

 or our favourite

Fabrico pens .

Try Lumiere for printing   or  painting


Crayola Fabric Crayons

for drawing.

They are the easiest to use…we highly recommend them !

Signatures or further   embellishment can be done with  with Lecien floss,

and new  Sparkles thread.

Use a hoop and try a simple

stem stitch .

Colour and symbols can be added with

raw edge applique ,

basically a  fabric collage  using  Steam a Seam ,

or  needle and  thread.

Lace and photos  can be incorporated .

The more complex the embellishment and construction of individual squares,

the greater the challenges when piecing together.

Blocks  may need  some sorting

pressing and squaring  up.

Once your squares are consistent

make your  plan

 and   sew your top, block to block ,

and row by row, to assemble the top.

Sandwich together the layers,

then tie ,

or machine quilt .

Bind the edges,


and enjoy !


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