June 19, 2011

Signature quilts : Connecting friendship and comfort

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Great-Grandma made a “friendship quilt”

Of scraps of calico.

Her neighbors gave small bits of cloth

From each new gown, and so

Great-Grandma fashioned deftly

A quilt of cheerful hues,

And sewed with tiny stitches

The pinks, and grays, and blues.

from The Romance Of the Patchwork Quilt in America

Friendship quilts were made from pieced blocks inscribed with names,



verses, or  sayings.

In the 1840’s and 1850’s  friendship quilts reached their zenith.

 Rebecca Wickersham’s 1854 signature quilt

was a memorial to her late husband, John Wickersham,  signatured by family members and friends.

Lately , several Circles of women,

have been in to learn about and

 compose group quilts for healing ,

wellnesssupport and comfort,




school reunions,

and congratulatory celebrations .

 Fun  raffles

 serious  fund raising ,

and awareness quilts 

motivate many other  signature quilts.

Single pattern quilts are often referred to as “friendship quilts”

or  Album quilts .

Signature quilts may use a collection of different blocks ,



or embroidered .

Have a cup of tea

and start thinking about a signature quilt.

I’ll give you some how to’s next week!


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