May 15, 2011

Bargello Medly: Eileen Wright and her students – embellished with a little history

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The history of bargello is attributed to a diva.

A Hungarian Princess is one of the people credited with the invention of the bargello technique.

The bride of a Medici, she brought this work with her to Florence in the 15th century and employed it

to cover the chairs now in the old Bargello Palace in Florence, Italy.

The chairs have a stunning “flame stitch” pattern, worked  in wool on canvas.

Undoubtedly she was inspired by her environment.

In the 18th century beautiful  flame stitch

pocket books were common.

Twisted bargello further expanded the art form.

Sunday we celebrated Eileen Wright’s contribution to the history of bargello,

with her patterns and book,

and classes that have inspired her students, including Laurie ( Island Sunset)

Judy (Infinity Bargello),

Pat (Infinity Bargello),

Kathie (Surf Song Bargello),

and Jeannine  (Island Sunset) . Such incredible designs! The quilts will be on display until May 18th.

Sunday May 8th Eileen debuted the Misty Morning quilt,  the  beginning to  her second book.


Marilyn shared  her   “tester” variation,

as did Mary Ann.

 We have the pattern and you can try it out too!

We will TRY and be patient as Eileen designs  more quilts , at least she has some version of  CAD to help!

Digital bargello, aka computer assisted bargello,

has been explored by Canadian Marge Coahran in her 2005 University of Toronto thesis.

Computer programs, like Bargello Designer 32, can  facilitate the bargello design process.

Computer programs create bargello entirely out of light!

In the hands and heart of an art quilter bargello transforms again.

A Moment In Time” by Sue Rhodes of Heathfield,

Hand dyed and screen printed cotton sateen, become sea-lily on an ancient sea bed, enclosed forever within fossilized bands of rock strata.

 New Zealand designer Ruth Blanchet

offers three internet classes at Quilt University.

Or of course you can begin with a runner by Eileen. 🙂



  1. Dawn Danay said,

    Wow, what wonderfully colorfull and joyous bargello designs, so many talented students, 1 or 2 names from westshore guild perhaps?

  2. ratih darmawan said,

    I like the bargellos. They are awesome.

  3. Bilie said,

    I have a question. I wish to make the Aurora in a queen size. How do I enlarge it from a throw size? I assume all cuts must be enlarged by l.75 including the strip cuts as well as the cut slices otherwise the pattern would not work out properly. Thank you.

  4. Linda Muise said,

    I am looking for information / contact for the Thetis Island Quilting retreat. Linda Muise

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