April 24, 2011


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I have been thinking about royal wedding quilts all week .

I have found that wedding quilts  originated  in Sicily

more than than 700 years ago as  whole cloth quilts .

They were constructed from white linen, and  by the Renaissance , silk . They were  intricately stitched and corded,

eventually  to be  know as  broderie de Marseille , or boutis.

Hopefully  Kate Middleton will receive at least one  Welsh Whole cloth Quilt.

In the Americas “Anna Tuels” quilt,

is believed to be the earliest dated American pieced quilt in existence.

It  was  made for Anna in 1785 by her mother.

A  wedding tradition of the 19th century on both sides of the Atlantic involved dowry quilts.

Before a pioneer girl  married , she , her family, and friends

  aimed to make 13 quilts— 12 for everyday use

and one bride’s quilt .

Amish brides always added  symbolic  meanings :

• Hearts – Love

• Roses – Love, purity, and happiness

• Pineapple – Hospitality

Pomegranate – fruitfulness.

The  most common wedding quilt symbol , double ring ,

goes  back to  4th century  Romans .

The Double Wedding Ring quilt pattern was first published by Capper’s Weekly (Kansas) in 1928.

It is a perennial  favourite with quilters  and young couples.

Log Cabin quilts are  a rediscovered   favourite  with contemporary couples

( and quick for a busy Mum to sew – while watching   the Royal Wedding .)

Another  charming   quilt  can  be created with a free

Give and Take  Wedding Quilt pattern .

Our local Give and Take Applique designers  ,

Patchworks Studio,

 have created Splashed, a  sophisticated and  easy  popular wedding quilt  choice.

The ultimate  WOW quilt ,Super Nova, is designed by birthday diva  Eileen Wright .

Meet her at Satin Moon May 8

to preveiw her 3 new quilts and the bargello quilts of her students.

EVERYONE is invited to participate in the show and share !

Enjoy the wedding!

But remember

  • Don’t hug the Queen,
  • Don’t tweet from church

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