April 17, 2011

Royal Wedding Tea for Quilters

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William and Kate , darlings of Commonwealth quilters

give us an exquisite  opportunity to celebrate over

a pot  of tea.

 ROYAL MONTH   at the Empress Hotel provides two  ultimate opportunities to celebrate in style .

The Royal Wedding will be broad cast  LIVE on flat screen televisions in the  elegant

Tea Lobby,

Empress Room and

Bengal Lounge.

A  full English Breakfast Buffet with eggs cooked to order, kippers, baked beans, fried bread, fruit, and pastries will be served from  3am until 11am.

Wear your Fairmont robe and pajamas and have a  jolly good time.

Not  a morning person?  Attend the Empress Picnic & Tea

Dog lovers should dress up their pups for a chance to win a royal doggie treat graciously co-sponsored by The Scruffy Dog Barkery.

Take a blanket , wear your best hat  and  be prepared for a rare event.

 The picnic & tea will take place on the front lawn at the Empress hotel.

 “The Queen” will make an appearance while you enjoy a cup of tea, scone, jam, mini sandwiches, pastries,

and wave your flag .

If you prefer a more intimate  tea to get ready for the wedding , attend the



On  Thursday, April 28 enjoy a   formal afternoon tea

with scones, devon-style cream, preserves from their garden and lemon curd, fruit, and tea sandwiches.

Hats and gloves are encouraged,

 and wedding attire  is optional.

Prefer to DIY ?   Don’t fret  you have time  to prepare a Royal Wedding  Viewing Tea Party .

The very British buntings decorations are a MUST    .

They are easily created in favourite bits from your stash.

 or  even from leftover paper. 

Find everything else you need with a FREE , down loadable Wedding Party Kit .

Fiona Cairns , Royal Baker

provides inspiration for lovely cupcakes   .

The British Greggs Company provides simple  menus ideas including shortbread


 chicken sandwiches.

Of course you will need  Cucumber sandwiches

and scones .

The Royal Chef  provides provides a thorough list of delectables

including Williams favourite Chocolate Biscuit cake ,

and Kate’s Sticky Tofee Pudding .

Brew a perfect  pot

and prepare the Queen’s favourite

royal darjeeling tea

or  Twinning Royal Wedding tea White Earl Grey Tea with light flavours of rose petals,

or perjaps  Royal Tea Coctails .

Review your tea etiquette,

Sew up some special tea napkins

Find  your vintage hat and enjoy.

What to do with the left over tea?

Why creative a lovely journal page of your memory.


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  1. Lorie Gerrard said,

    Hi Brenda,
    I just loved this Blog! Very imaginative,so fancy and cute too. I can’t wait for the big day!


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