March 13, 2011

QUILTER ANGELS- Island Go Go Grandmas

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It was a great privilege to attend the Glacier Grannies Gala and live auction

and be surrounded by the  beautiful collection “Turning the Tide One Ripple at a Time.”

It was an event of  magical  depth and breadth.

We were held rapt by

Stephen Lewis‘ fierce  dedication to the women and children of Africa.

A conviction eloquently portrayed in the art quilts, by our fine Canadian quilters.
The Grandmothers groups had a  sold out event and a great fund raising success because of the audiences’ committed philanthropy.

Dr Lewis educated and enlightened us .

The need is still great and critical

Canada is poised on the brink of providing low cost generic drugs for AIDS and HIV treatment in Africa.

Please become involved.


You may chose to support

Kitambaa, as Pippa Moore – on  of the Turning the Tide artists , helps Ugandan women become self sufficient through quilting and sewing.

Early this summer , we will be collecting your fabric donations to give to Kitambaa.

At this moment need is greatest in Japan.

I ask you to join with me and the Chinatown Lioness in supporting the

Canadian Red Cross





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