March 6, 2011

FOODIE WEEK: gourmet recipes and patterns

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Its a foodie kind of week.

California  Strawberries are in and local ones are only months away.

Seed catalogs are arriving

and home canned fruit is a summer dream.


This Thursday March 10,  participate in  Victoria’s Premier Food Tasting Experience.

Culinaire will  present  the wonderful world of fine cuisine,

and provide scholarship awards for students enrolled in the Camosun College Culinary Arts Program.


It inspired me to  treat you to  tastings and  recipes, such as these

Veganized Pinwheels

and free patterns for quilts like

Springtime Mosaic Pinwheel Quilt Block



and food useful  patterns , like this   cute basket for your pinwheel cookies.


Start with a Chef hat of course .


Add a cute apron to buy , or make ( we have LOTS of patterns.)


Don’t forget safety with hot holders,

pot handlers ,

and free patterns for  oven mitts ( we have the Insulite and Insul-Brite.)


Grab an Energy Bar, and start cooking !

We’ll begin  with Gordon’s favourite : fruit crisp,

kept nice and warm in  Chili Pepper’s elegant casserole cover,

and  free carrier pattern.

Drop by Thursday for a taste of Gordon’s home made island berry delight,

and a cup of coffee.

Baked Potato soup , regular or vegan,

will be the taste treat on Friday.

We have potato baking bag kits ,  potato fabric,


and both designer and  free lunch bags pattern.

Saturday drop by  to try Matcha Tea mini cupcakes  ,

indulge in a low fat free quilt pattern,


or  a  spring table runner kit.

Find many  more Satin Moon favourite recipes on Our Shop page.

For a spectacular end to the week,  join us and the Victoria Grandmothers for Africa

this Saturday at the Gala Dinner & Textile Art Auction.

See the quilts this week  at the Martin Batchelor Gallery

or in the  show catalog   available at Satin Moon .






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