February 27, 2011

Victoria Sewing show -from Buttons to Bustles

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A big kiss to all of you who braved the snow

and visited us at the Victoria Sewing Show .


My most exciting find was The Button Lady.

Wendy is another very talented local,  Pender Island  artist

With pottery and glazes in my personal history , I really loved the Bubble gum buttons

and the thumb buttons. You will  find them  embellishing our bag models

and for sale at Satin Moon SOON.

But it was Farthingales

that set me off on a whole new area of learning .

Treat yourself to their  blog and video fashion shows!


I laughed myself silly !

Lucky there were no  Bum rolls


or bustles to try on too !

I would  love to arrange a night of champagne,

and  try-on/dress up with corsets


followed  by a  one day waist cincher class.

Why a corset?

  • Wear a corset to be noticed.
  • Wear a corset to feel confident.
  • Wear a corset to get a vintage silhouette and fit a period costume
  • Wear a corset to fit last years dress or this year’s bargain buy
  • Wear a corset to fit into vintage dresses!
  • Wear a corset to support your back
  • Wear a corset to encourage better posture
  • Wear a corset for FUN!
  • Wear a corset for elegance
  • Wear a corset because there is no better way to go strapless!
  • Wear a corset to make a statement.

Let me know if you would like to join the

comfort and fun !


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