January 3, 2011


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Happy New Year!

As I review the challenges and many treasures of 2010 I look forward to what this new year brings.Thank you all for enriching my life.

Fabric Frenzy Fun is my gift to start the year with fun, creativity and philanthropy!

January 3-21, 2011

Collect points and WIN WIN WIN

Win with Discounts

– on fabric, patterns, books, and embellishments

Win with Special Offers:

~ 25 cent Tid Bit Frenzy (collect 600 points) and $1 Fat Quarter Frenzy (collect 3,000 points!)

Win with Prizes! ~ 10 in all!

Silk Road Facial

Asian Fabric Magazine Subscription

Rodgers Chocolate

5- piece fat quarter  pack (2)

$15 Satin Moon gift certificate (2)

20% off Satin Moon class registration

Grand prize draw (6, 0000 points) Eileen Wright Retreat package


15,000 points  instant grand prize winner!

I KNOW, so exciting!



Week One:

January 3: Festival of Sleep ~ FLANNEL DAY all flannel 40% OFF And Double your POINTS. No maximum or minimum


January 4: Designer Match Day ~ buy one sale fabric and

buy a matching new fabric and

Receive and EXTRA 10% off the matching sale fabric. Minimum 0.5 meters, maximum 10 meters total.


EXTRA 10 points bonus if you show us on a colour wheel how your fabrics match!

January 5: Happy Kitties Day ~ Bring in a new toy for a Homeless Cat,

or a small bag of kitty litter for  10 bonus points per item, maximum 10 items.

To be donated to the Cool Aid Society

And 10% off 0.5 meters or more of cat fabric

January 6: National Bean Day ~ brings in a bag, sack or can of beans for the Mustard Seed  food bank. 10 bonus points per item, maximum 10 items.

To be donated to the Mustard Seed Food Bank

And an extra 10% off fabric that match the colour of your beans. Maximum 5 meters.

January 7: Back To the Future Day ~ Bring in a finished quilt top for us to compliment and buy a backing for that quilt top, 10 bonus points per meter of purchased backing.  And an extra 10% off your backing fabric for that top. Maximum 5 tops.


January 8: Elvis Presley’s Birthday ~ come in and sing 3 bars of an Elvis song. 10 bonus points 🙂

And an extra 10% off glittery fabric.

January 9: Straw to Gold Pillow Case Day ~ sew up that old cotton stash fabric into a

standard bed pillow cases and bring them in to donate to The Cridge Respitality program. 10 bonus points each case.  Max 20 pillow cases.

SUNDAY JANUARY 9, 12:00-4:00 Only

SPECIAL OFFER #1 for anyone who has  accumulated a minimum of 600 points


TID BITS ( 9×11 inch) 25 cents each (regular $1.00), maximum of 80 while supply lasts.

All players with 600 or more points (including bonus points) will be entered in the MONDAY DRAW

Class registration and gift certificates


Through out the entire contest (January 3-21) collect double SATIN MOON GIFT CERTIFICATE points when you:

1.  Use your Satin Moon gift certificate purchased previous to 2011,


2. Buy a gift certificate now to use after the contest.


Purchase required to obtain bonus points

Each $1 pre-tax purchase = 10 points

All discounts are added to your guild membership discount, OR preferred customer discount, and sale markdown prices, unless otherwise noted

All specials limited to stock on hand (no rain checks)

Remember to tell staff members you are in our computer system and playing FABRIC FRENZY!

Players cannot combine or trade points with other people

Satin Moon Staff are not eligible to play






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