November 15, 2010

Something Old and Something New Quilt Market 2010

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My motto –

especially when on the search for you!

Jump out of bed


grab a little fuel

and off I go to learn

first a  classic quilt technique


with an old  “new ” tool , Square in a SquareRuler

Jodi totally wowed me with the ease of the

technique ( many on line videos are available)


fascinated me with her family story

warmed my heart with her colloquialisms


and impressed the heck out of me with her expertise in history and quilting .

This pony express quilt , designed by Jodi , is a filled with symbolism and stories .


As I have always been an Alberta cowgirl,

I really enjoyed Jodi

and have scheduled a great new scrap  club based on what I learned

starting January 26.


Nancy Johnson -Srebro, author of

Fusible Magic and designer of

terrifically fun and freeing  templates, with literally thousands of possibilities

was the guide  of  my second day start the morning project .

How I LOVE  cut and paste, we did not want to leave !

Nancy’s templates and techniques  will definitely be the first adventure

I share with you at

Gadget Girls January 21 .






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