October 26, 2010


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An e-mail  example of  knit art as  a challenge to quilters to cover the Victoria


Blue Bridge with quilts

sent me on an internet search for

quilts as art in public places.

The first to come to mind was the Aids Memorial Quilt.

I discovered that there is a Canadian Aids Memorial Quilt project too.

This performance/installation quilt using porcelain and sheer fabric,  memorializes those who have lost their lives in the

Iraq war


Our Canadian Quilt of Belonging celebrates diversity.


Anne Oeldorfhirsch’s neon rainbow quilt of light has a similar feel, but very different material.


A Federal court room is enhanced with  traditional strips of fabric  colour


in quilts by  Ann Brauer


“Quilted Passages.” is a public installation by  Lillian Blades’



A Canadian installation by Andrao’s uses  e-textiles and soft circuit construction methods,

to create quilts that sense and respond to their environment.



A human touch response to the environment was used by   Hawaii Quilt Guild


when they wrapped or “tarted up”

7 trees for their annual guild show.( April 20th  blog)


Yvonne Dalton wraps trees in order to dye cloth for further quilt work.


Another tree and a quilt are focal points of the

Sanford Biggers, Constellation,  a  cotton quilt, with Steel, Plexiglas, LED’s, Zoopoxy original printed cotton tile.

at Harvard University. ( video)

A more traditional ,

equally amazing  installation is the  Burnsville Town Center Quilt ,

(see the design, construction and installation)


Nellie Durand


uses Orts , the British word for scraps, as  brush strokes.


Laura Prentice uses rag  pieces

in her Visual Artists Street Team installation and video .


e-cloud at the San Jose  Airport  under the   auspices of the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles

is  a conceptual quilt installation.


The down to earth folk art

Gas station with quilts , crotchet and knitting,

and this portable

Have Quilt Will Travel



come closest to the covered bridge idea.


Perhaps inspiration can begin with Julie Rushing   Old Alton Bridge quilt


It could be an amazing project to put before the CRD and the BC Arts Council



  1. Ann Brauer said,

    What a great and inspiring collection of quilts you included here. I am honored to be included in it. Thanks.

    • satinmoon said,

      Thank you for leading the way!

  2. Wonderful post! Thank you for including the Old Alton Bridge Quilt. It ranks as one of the favorites in my collection of quilts, and it was an “out of the box” step for me when I created it. I hope your post challenges others to seek unique and obscure structures to use as inspirations and back drops for their art.

    • satinmoon said,

      Thank you for inspiring us!

  3. PaMdora said,

    Great post! I love the variety of work that you’ve put together. I wanted to see more about Lilian Blades, but those links didn’t seem to work.

    I love the gas station – Thanks!

    • satinmoon said,

      I think I have the links fixed now. Thank you for looking and letting me know!

  4. deb of pixeladies said,

    Thanks for sharing such fun art!

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