September 27, 2010

A Quilter’s Jewel Box

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My friend Lori

opens the door and  we enter a jewel box of creativity,

where light and inspiration fill every surface.

The custom cutting and work table,

a child hood dining table that once held 7 family members,

now facilitates  masterful quilt preparation. A Storm at Sea is under progress.

The hand crafted , smooth edged custom frame

sits firmly with feet that guarantee no sliding,

and snugly holds removable cutting boards .

The custom colour of this vintage cupboard

is embellished by Grandmother’s delicate pansy embroidery,

and filled with quilts

both old

and new family heirlooms.

The  clever and highly functional design wall

is placed at a gentle angle,

with bonus storage  located behind

and multiple, carefully organized  drawers below.

The design board easily displays a large or multiple small tops – like this memory from a Paducah trip.

The gentle angle easily holds even finished quilts without pins.

This gem was embroidered by Lori’s Mum  and completed and quilted by Sue H.

The painted brick end wall,  is a   showcase for special quilts,

like this Eileen Wright Bargello pattern, Island Sunset.

A very clever custom hanging system makes it easy to change out and hang precious quilts .

The nook is filled with more treasures ,  a large custom ironing board topper,

a comfy family heirloom rocking chair ,

and this gorgeous Susan Purney Mark design Shattered Garden .

Other treasures tucked in the corner are for Lori’s Paverpol dolls,

another of her creative ventures.

Spool lights frame a cheery window , outdoor garden scene ,

and indoor  tin collection

which holds beautifully organized and sorted thread.

Benefiting from the natural light, is the sewing center.

Beautiful tools are readily available.

A lovingly restored and waterproofed tin holds glues and other liquid tools.

This vibrant art quilt, overlooking the sewing area,

is composed of Lori’s hand painted and printed cloth ,

and story filled buttons

like these favourites, from her mother’s life.

A comfy rocker provides a place for handwork ,

and contemplation of Lori’s impressive  fabric palette.

The artistic talents of Lori’s gifted husband are very evident in these custom cupboard and

amazingly organized and displayed  fabrics.

Meaningful and heartfelt memories  are everywhere.

This is a basket of embroidery discovered in Winnipeg.

Jars of beautiful beads and buttons await Paverpol creations by Lori and her grandson.

Lori started out as a bear maker, and this is one of her favourites.

But the stars of this jewel box are the fabrics.

Organized, classified and labeled by theme ,

and amount .

Each piece is carefully wrapped on its own cardboard bolt.

It is pure pleasure

to behold.

Below , more carefully planned cupboards were designed to fit  specific boxes

that hold future quilt projects.

A slide out  board provides extra space for detailed work.

Drawers hold embellishments , pieces of past projects ready to adorn the record journal,

Other drawers  hold specialty tools.

All quilts and projects are carefully recorded in a journal

with notes , material samples and photos.

The craft and embellishment work area has  another lovely garden view .

Featured are two of Lorie’s favourite Paverpol ladies and a special beach washed bark Paverpol vase.

The irons all have stories too.

The one on the left was found brand new and in the box hidden in a crawl space of the house.

The one on the right belonged to Lori’s Grandmother.

This impressive  cupboard

is chock full of art supplies and quilts in waiting.


Ron, who created this space for his beloved , equally creative wife Lori,

Satin Moon guest artist .

What a joy it is to know them.



  1. Jan Wiebe said,

    Wow, Lori: I am so jealous and very impressed with your space. Jan

  2. Marilyn Bertsch said,


    What a gorgeous workroom! I’ll be sure to show it to Mom and Dad!

    Marilyn (your Alberta cousin)

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