September 20, 2010

All that Blooms- Quilts from Japan

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Last June we were  fortunate to host Miwako Kimura,

director of the Hanatsunagikai Quilt Club of Tokyo,

who was on her way to showcase  the quilts of

Sachiko Yoshida and 14 of her  student Japanese quilt artists .

To our great delight they stopped at Satin Moon on their way to

7th Annual Quilts from Japan exhibit

at the

La Conner Quilt & Textile Museum housed in the historic 1891 Gaches Mansion

About four decades ago, about the time I first visited Japan,  Japanese textile artists ,

“discovered the amazing and heart-warming American quilt world” and began to make their own.

The theme for this exhibit was “blooming” .

As exemplified in this incredible applique  “Flowers Playing Cards” by Masako Masuda.

Although photos were not permitted of the hand stitched,

hand quilted  clothing and silk quilts  in the show,

Miwako Kimura also mounted a    Japanese Textiles exhibit

with a wide variety of fabrics
used to create Japanese clothing, household items and quilts .
Miwako says:
This is an exhibition of textiles collected from a quiltmaker’s point of view..
collected since ( she)  began quilting 25 years ago.
“In the beginning, I was simply charmed by the Indigo-dyed fabric,

with its various shades

and its flowery natural colors

of blue.”

As often found in these shibori patterns.

“Later, when I started to use vintage silk kimono fabric for my own quilt making,

I was amazed by the vast variety of its colors,

texture, etc.,

as well as the process of its dyeing,

weaving and

design motifs.
Over the course of the exhibit a number of classes were offered  by

Miwako Kimura and Kazuko Yoshirua ,
including sashiko,
hand sewing vintage kimono silk,
and a fusion of
east and west patchwork.
traditional cotton prints such as Mori
tanbo indigo

Sevenberry fine contemporary Japanese fabrics

exquisite Kona Bay,

Robert Kaufman,

and Northcott Asian inspired fabrics

as well as inspirational kits, and  patterns by

Ursula Riegel- Designs to Share with You

Laurie McDonald- Chili Peppers Design

Lois Toutant

and Castilleja Cotton

are ready to spark your creativity

at Satin Moon.


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