September 13, 2010

Brighton to Birmingham: Twisted Threads Festival of Quilts

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One last Brighton delight

“Eton Mess”

fresh English strawberries, rich whipped cream

and melt in your mouth ,

light as a feather meringue.

Then on to Oxford, with a personal heritage and Harry Potter tour by

long time friend and newly appointed professor,  Lauren.

The Oxford architecture inspires stitchery,


and quilts.

One more train ride to Birmingham and the Twisted Threads Festival of Quilts show.

There was a multitude of greetings and Guild information stations.

and open concept classrooms.

Vendors also provided immeasurable education.

This was the Victoria and Albert Museum booth

where I picked up wonderful Liberty reproductions fat quarters and notions.

The Rowan / Westminister booth featured

quilts from the new

K Fassett book Simple Shapes

and Amy Butler inspiration.

Colour was everywhere, both hand dyed and

commercial .

The quilts that caught my eye were largely contemporary.

I was delighted to see lots of yoyos in use .

There was plenty of lovely subtle traditional design and colour,

shadow quilting trapunto,

and luxurious Welsh and contemporary whole cloth quilting on satin.

Vendors’ quilts and fabrics  were largely traditional , neutral and soft .

Exhibits were highly innovative.

including a  Barbie dresses quilt!

I was very taken by the ethereal

transparent quilts.

and the fascinating play

with space

and dimension.

Thought provoking!

There were numerous




including sections and exhibits for children.

Artists and authors like Margaret Beal gave demonstrations of their techniques

and had great products for sale.

There were many fanciful quilts

with embellishment,

and personal interpretation,

such as Istanbul Townscape by  Gillian Travis

and the fanciful political work of

Susan Shie

I was also drawn to the dyed pieces.

and shibori.

Judy Hooworth‘s work was particularly powerful.

I cannot find my reference note to this piece, but it was the show stopper.

With only 6 hours to take it all in , it was hard for me to sit and rest too long!

But great 3 d pieces were beckoning,

One last look at some lovely French fabric

On to Norway


home baked cardamom buns

and great Norwegian coffee and hospitality!


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