July 5, 2010

Fabric To Go ….

Posted in Special Events tagged , at 3:48 am by satinmoon

Yikes … time to replenish,

sometimes I just can’t wait any longer for the orders to arrive.

Wake up Brenda !

get on the road

to catch the first ferry of the morning !

a bit of sustenance

and serenity before a day of driving and shopping.

Off the ferry and on the road to Richmond..a Vancouver suburb

to visit two main Canadian quilt fabric warehouses

Contemporary and International .

The selection is dazzling , and hand picking is a pleasure ,

especially when I am searching for just the right fabric for a customer.

Gordon’s Fabrics carries

fine fashion lines

and quilting fabric.

Loaded down we head back to Vancouver  island.

On to the ferry.

for a peaceful  day’s end

perhaps   an orca show

and sweet quilting dreams .


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