June 21, 2010

Sheer delight- Tulle, Organza and other ephemera

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Sheer Overlays by Daphne Greig

and Happy Villages

captured our attention and sparked our interest in organza and tulle.

How to attach the tulle has been the motivating question.

Start with a fabric postcard, snip fabrics, trap with  tulle and  stitching.

Add  stamping or rubbings  to create a custom art journal .

Select an inspiring  fabric then cover with cut and overlapped tulle

to create both background and image .

A dab of fabric glue  will hold bits in place.

Think about your favourite place ,

to create a detailed  fabric collage ,  covered  with tulle to secure the bits .

Kitty says Once you’re happy with the arrangement of fabrics, papers and fibers,  cut a piece of tulle or netting slightly larger than your background. Gently lay it on top of your project to create a “sandwich”. Pin the tulle down around the edges of edges to hold the “sandwich” together.  Now  take it over to your sewing machine.

Ann Loveless  extends the technique using shredded  confetti  fabric ,

multiple layers of tulle , all covered with black tulle and secured with random quilting.

Tivoli Designs uses a similar  technique  to create  fabulous

Texured purses

Anne’s collage style is featured in Fabric Arts with this instruction:

Collage fabric may be  sprayed with temporary spray adhesive (spray basting), before covering  with  large piece of fine black tulle , and free-motion quilted using clear monofilament thread ( “Bottom Line” thread in the bobbin, for less bulk on the back ). Outline the shapes , then fill in larger areas such as background with free-motion stitching .

Ann Mostek

often  finishes   layered collage with beading and stitching.

She also likes to use a limited palette of colour and  build up layers of  tulle for “shading.”

Coin # 1 by Lois Jarvis

incorporates word imagery, possibly from

Extrav Organza

Words  and

photos can inspire

the layering of other fabrics  on the image.

Create complex images in the computer and on paper

or fabric

or Transfer Artist Paper to fabric

which  allows you to transfer images to virtually any surface with the heat of an iron.

like Leslie Riley .

Try cutting  away to expose what lies beneath

Have no fear,

its just fabric ,

create !


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