June 8, 2010

Rory the Cyber Satin Moonie

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Rory is the brains and magic

behind the Satin Moon website.

It all begins with our HOME PAGE .

Each week Rory selects a quilt from the beautiful models

that our seamstress Joan brings in.

She constructs  links to  fabrics used in our models,

as well as the patterns and  kits,  used to create them.

Rory  photographs  new designer originals – and constructs the links to  kits and patterns .

like  Caribbean Dreaming from Janet Rice-Briden .

In addition she  features weekly classes  with links to the class calendar and brochure .
Rory posts
special announcement like our
3rd annual Christmas Bazaar
Dec 6 -12.
( also found on our calendar)
Preceeding  posting on the web ,
Rory sets up and takes the photos,
and along with Sharron ,  scans the fabric and prepares
thumbnails and
the enlarged , full detail images .
A very important part of preparing fabrics for the website is arranging collections.
Like this spectacular  Natures’s Glow collection from Northcott.
Featured in  Ursula’s newest quilt pattern  –
which we are kitting and Denise will be teaching!
Much of Rory’ s time is spent on the computer, preparing and entering kits and models.
designing gift certificates, store signs  and adds for
quilting guilds  and tourist publications .
Each month Rory posts a new recipe to try and love.
This was my Dad’s 80th  birthday  ketchup cake.
Rory does manage to get out of the office, to help you with fabric choices.
She is bilingual in American Sign Language (ASL) and written English.
She would love to talk to you and hear your ideas for making the website even better!


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