May 31, 2010

Angelina Answers

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Angelina the art quilt film ?

maybe not.

Ahh yes , here is the film unfurled.

Recently a number of customers have asked me about Angelina film,

which is available in single rolls or sets of


Angelina film and fibers have become an integral component of award winning quilts like this

Best of Show quilt national 2007

Noriko Endo
Sylvan Ambience #2 , ©NE
60 by 49 inches.
Cotton, polyester, tulle, Angelina fibers, small pieces covered with tulle, machine quilted, machine embroidery.

Artist’s statement:This piece is part of a recent series of work that deals with landscapes. While walking in the woods, I have discovered a place chased by the light where pretty pink flowers are blooming. I felt nature kept some of her hidden secret. I am totally absorbed and fascinated by the beauty of nature.

Angelina  adheres only to itself with heat and pressure .

for magically, feather weight  stained glass layers .

It is washable, dry-able,  and dry cleanable

after stitching.

Use an appliqué sheet gloss side (or paper towel for  light texture) and a

dry iron on silk setting. Cool before pulling off protector sheet.

Angelina easily accepts texture. It can be crumpled in your hand.

Ironed over shapes in a single layer.

bonded together as several layers and pressed over a stamp,

or a natural object like a leaf.

Simple and complex

shapes can then be cut out  with plain or

decorative blades and glued

with Bonash

Mystyfuse or Wunderunder

or stitched to a quilt.

Strips can  be woven , and layered  before application.

Strips of bended  colours, bits of yarn and  thread can  create 3d shapes like  beads,

with the help of a heat gun.

Skilled artists can aspire to this  incredible bead

and sculpture .

The focused heat of a heat gun or solder iron can also be used to create a lacy shape.

I love the idea of creating envelopes or windows of Angelina sheets   filled with

sequins, yarn, wire, beads, shells, snips of Angelina film and  fibers.

Angelina can provide subtle under notes as the  canvass upon which to use mixed media .

Next , feel the Fire

used Tintzl (  Angelina film) , Angelina fibers, shredded sheer fabrics,

Bonding Agent 007, foil, and fabric paints and markers.

For more information ,my favourite book is Between the Sheets with Angelina.

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