May 26, 2010


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One of Daphne’s most exciting free pillowcase classes was the one using Texture Magic.

Texture Magic  looks like  lining fabric .

First you stitch the Texture Magic to the back of your cloth. Parallel stitches work fine.

Next you steam-activate to  shrink the fabric .

Be careful not to touch the Texture Magic with the hot sole plate of the iron. Heat won’t ruin the Texture Magic or melt it or make it stick to your iron. It will, however, make the Texture Magic stiff.

If you use steam, the Texture Magic stays very soft and supple.

The Texture Magic  will shrink approximately 30%,

( Superior Threads provides a great conversion chart to figure the 30% extra for you )

and create a beautiful textured effect.

After shrinking, the result is permanent and the nylon acts like  a stabilizer.

You can sew this new “fabric” into your project.

It will be  washer, dryer, and dry clean safe.

You may stitch with no batting or add a batting layer .

I  personally love Hobbs Tuscany wool batting with Texture Magic,

as it gives incredible definition and dimension.

Cross-hatch stitching creates a beautiful  smocked look for a  christening dress.

For a simple start , use   a traditional oriental print with  easy stitching lines to follow .

Or random stitching

to create fabric for  an applique accent on your favourite little person’s on a pocket , or

as a feature fabric for your self on a bag of  painted and fused fabric  like  Finishing Lines

Combine  some stippling  and simple stitches around big shapes.

as you play to create

an art quilt .

or embellish a traditional flower basket .

I want to create this adorable quilt of 30’s dresses

from Holly Holderman’ new fabric

and some of these  these VERY CUTE CUP CAKES

There are a growing lines of patterns available,

my favourites include the

a very elegant textures tote,

and Bubbly Babies-  a real peach.

For more on how to use Texture Magic, watch these videos.
Video Part 1
Video Part 2
Video Part 3
AVideo 4

Watch here and the Satin Moon class page and brochure for texture magic demos and classes in the fall!


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