April 6, 2010

Jelly Roll precuts

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Jelly rolls created this!

Jelly rolls were the original pre-cut hit from Moda.

Now also available from may others

including luscious Hoffman batik Bali pops

Jelly rolls  are full width strips precisely cut at 2 1/2″.

Most commonly there are  are 40 , or 2  3/4 yards of precut  fabric .

No effort , no worries with accurate measuring and cutting.

You can  begin stitching almost immediately.

Some people chose to wash them carefully

But you can just sew them together( reversing direction with each strip.)

Or you can  start sub cutting and creating  a variety of simple blocks

including  :quilt-as-you-go strip  , log cabin , braids , rail fence..!

Feel free to add a little applique to a charming beginner quilt .
Or  try a slightly more challenging  9 patch.
Perhaps a  smaller project is more appealing
For your sewing room.
There are even  no sew projects

You might want to whip up a cute  kitchen helper outfit in a jiffy .
Or perhaps create  a matching seat cover for someone who can only watch!
Go ahead and accessorize your self with a  very cute necklace of jelly roll bits .
Or design  a great  swing skirt for the summer!

There are a multitude

of great  ideas

in books





Then again you can make your own strips

or use up bits  on pin cushions

I’ll find out more to share this weekend.

When   I  go to the Sunshine Coast Quilters Guild

in Sechelt

where I will bring back photo examples of their Jelly Roll Quilt  Class!


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