March 24, 2010

Charms: Quilters Candy

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This blog is an introduction to PRECUTS,

the charmers of the fabric worlds.

Quilt Lingo.

Sometimes I forget  that not everyone lives and breathes quilting,

but an excellent customer question sparked this entry.

What’s the stuffing about  charm packs

The United Notions Company,  purveyors of Moda Fabric

have been the trail blazers in creating and marketing

precision cut packs of fabric units.

My favourite  instant gratification is a  new Charm Pack .

Note the pinked edge to reduce fraying.They come that way!

Each  charm pack is a collection of 5 inch  fabric squares of   quilters’ candy ,

from a full line of coordinated fabric.They are  ready to sew  time savers,

Irrisistable! for easy home dec.

Beautifully coordinated table runners,

bags and


They are especially great  for  scrappy  look project ,

where you can savour many bits of quilt candy.

Layout a pleasing  assortment

and sew!

PERFECT for beginner and busy quilters !

For a little more challenge add sashing.

or try a small project like this ribbon blanket.

You can cut them smaller into different shapes

and use them as applique  too.

Or  arrange the units  into an image

For a challenge , sub cut and combine the squares into infinite detail .

Of course I love them for making my beloved medium size yoyo-

just pick up and sew!

Join me next for CAKES !


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