March 5, 2010

Locker Hooking – the stash busters delight

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I fell in love with hooked rugs at Quilt Canada Newfoundland in 2008.

But until I received this wonderful  rug  from my

my dear friend Candy I had no idea how easily the look could be to created.

I was intrigued by the fool proof beauty, and creativity of Locker hooking .

It is inexpensive, easily learned,  relaxing ,portable , practical  and durable .

It originated in England in the early 1900s where it was used primarily for pictorial making rugs

by hooking wool yarn. This technique  is still popular  today.

However , now every medium is used

yarn, ribbon, fibers, fabric strips, leather, and even plastic bag strips.

Hooking requires just a few simple tools and materials—a locker hook,

fabric strips ( from your stash) ,

rug canvas,

sturdy yarn or twine ,

scissors, and a tapestry needle to  finish a project.

After some easy preparation of the canvas and cloth you are ready to start  .

Kathleen has several excellent books.

Strips of  fabric are pulled through a backing to the front.

looped over the shaft of the needle and then secured by pulling  the twine through a series of loops.

see video

I found a number of cute free patterns on the web:

Free heart pattern

Free star pattern

Free coaster pattern

Free Chinese ornament

free rug pattern

Free Euro Tote pattern very similar in style

After finishing you first project you will be ready for more inspiration

at the Colour Crazy Gallery

I met  Theresa Pulido at last year’s spring market

and I find her book projects to be very exciting.


Our Satin Moon resident expert Cathy

Is  giving  free hands on demos

Super Sewing Week at Satin Moon

Saturday March 6 and 13 at 1:00 pm



  1. Kim Espinoza said,

    I bought Theresa Pulido’s book “Hook, Loop, & Lock” and I love it. Will there be a second one soon?

    Thanks, Kim Espinoza

    • satinmoon said,

      I sure hope so. I’ll check it out at the Houston Quilt Market trade show at the end of the month.

  2. Jennifer said,

    it seem like very hard for me to get the ” Locker Hook ” in Malaysia, any idea where can i get it ?

    • satinmoon said,

      You can order directly from us (Satin Moon). Please do call us at:
      (from within North America)
      (outside of North America)

      Or email us at with what you’re looking for and we’d be very happy to help out!

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