February 26, 2010

A Lesson from the Diva

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September 11, 2010 I’ll be part of the Patchwork studio cruise to Alaska

I am so excited to teach about the art and symbolism of our area, in our area.

For years it was a unit in my Arizona art classes  .

Totem Talk and Play will be my first offering
The mystery of totem poles will be revealed through fun discovery and play with felt.

I will continue that theme with using David Moore Totem Batiks  when I teach

Floating Diamonds
Like the flash of orcas in the ocean, this easy floating diamond technique will delight and
amaze you.

But  FIRST I need  help from my DIVA

Ursula is getting me started on the Dancing Orca sample.

She  selects the main colour from the collection I have brought with me.

We discuss the logistics of a cruise class and refine the pattern to use 2  instead of 4 fabrics.

I LOVE collaboration with creative women.

The trimmings are immediately sorted into STRIPPING stations!

Then the basic 3 units are sewn together.

Followed by careful pressing .

I’ll need to tell my students to bring their mini irons .

Next a bit of origami folding

and careful pinning.

to tuck the diamond out of the way

before sewing .

Here we go!

Ta dah!

Another good press,

and unit one is complete.

Here is ONE way to arrange the units.

Then the final diamond. I think I’ve got it!

Now I just need to complete the runner AND make Ancient Cedar and  Northern Sunset
colour ways.


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