February 16, 2010

Designs to Share with You – Ursula Riegel

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Join me on a visit  to the studio of friend and

Victoria design diva Ursula Riegel.

This is the womb of  “Designs to Share With You”

Here is Ursula ‘s  “office” space.

with a lesson and design exercise ready to share with me later in the afternoon.

But first a tour of her quilting life and treasures!

Her newest machine is  a Janome , mainly used for its Satin Stitch .

It is surrounded by Ursula’s fabric memories,

like her prototype Santa ,

available in her Christmas pattern series,

a quiet rhythm of colour and texture

and treasures from Germany .

To the left , a peaceful mountain view  rests beyond  Ursula’s main work station

and her most versatile and most loved Pfaff machine.

I could not resist  this  example

of her signature  jewel tones.

across the room, ideas and   mementos

and carefully organized supplies

are framed by her  miniatures collection.

These exquisite miniatures, Ursula explained ,

were a way to satisfy the desire  of  trying all the techniques

she just could not possibly fit, full size,

into her life time.

Finally I turn to admire a charming  collection of dolls, lovingly  created by Ursula,

gracing   an antique hutch

that Ursula painted in traditional folk style.


a magical doll house  with tiny dolls, rugs, furnishings  and quilts  handcrafted by Ursula.

The kitchen scene prompted Ursula

to fete me with a scrumptious apple cake, made  from the apple trees in her yard,

Another work of art.

Join me back here Thursday to see Ursula’s fabric collection  , art tree collection and second studio.


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