February 3, 2010

Tucson Quilters Guild Show – my art and applique favourites

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The quilts !

Where to start ?

The welcoming white glove ladies were there to inform and help us.

This quilt featured a great use of African fabric scraps .

President Challenge quilts : WHAT FUN IS ORANGE ?

What makes you happy using the colour orange?

This one made me happy!

As did this wearable, with my favourite- yoyos!

A great  painted art quilt caught my eye.

Angel Paints or any Jacquard brand would work well.

Lovely embellishment detail that  I can see Treenway silk ribbon .

The show stopper art quilt for me was this one.

The embellishment was intense and superb.

Of course my funny bone always loves  Dia De Los Muertos

They remind me of the sugar skulls I made with my art students.

Nor can I resist cowboy boots. ( I know , not applique)

Wait till you see the trunk show in our booth at CQA in Calgary,

Big Fork will be one of our guest artists.

This was a stunning applique quilt.

The Garden Club

There were several  quilts in the show with a similar finish.

This finishing technique  was credited to Sharon Schamber

check out her free stuff

This was another lovely applique quilt,

obviously reminding me of Victoria.

Great use of batiks.

Lovely embellishment with beads

and buttons.

One last lovely favourite.

I can hardly wait to take some of Satin Moon’s

fabulous selection of applique classes this spring!

I’ll show you my favourtie  pieced work from the show next week!

Time for more great Mexican food.

Gordon and Candy ( visiting from Boston)

Awww,  I’ve been waiting all year

for Green corn tamale at Poca Cosa


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  1. Phyllis Fitzgerald said,

    This was a great display of quilts . It really gets the creative juices flowing. I’m an orange fan so the quilts about the colour orange were appreciated. About 7 years ago while returning from a cruise to Alaska I had the pleasure of visiting Your Satin Moon shop. My husband went off for 2 hours and let me shop . I had a great time. Hope to get back. Thanks again for the Tucson Quilt Show Tour.

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