January 20, 2010

Gordon the Quilter

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Only 6 years ago Gord’s idea of a guy having a good time looked like this

but now he has discovered the true joy of quilting !

With the patience of his first quilt teacher Ursula Riegel

Gord created his first table runner, with a pocket knife instead of a seam ripper, much to Ursula’s horror

He dabbled with a triple rail from the left overs of our daughters’

honors thesis project

Place mats seemed like a reasonable project.

So in  a rare class by Laura McDonald creator of  Chili Pepper  designs

Gordon crafted  a wonderful set of Dove Tail placemats

Daphne Greig , was the next brave teacher

who guided  Gordon through the creation of a beautiful Give and Take

His original design was made  for our son in Arizona.

I’ll try and add a photo of it this week when we are in Tucson.

Next Daphne  guided Gord in the  creation of a quilt for nephew Josh’s wedding gift-

the red and gold quilt taking shape on  the design board

Next came the joy of small stuff….

Gord  did some mass production of pillow cases for family and staff ,

for every season.

Remember to see him in action at his Hot Dog Pillow Case Party Class

in June at Satin Moon

His first real challenge of a quilt was this batik beauty

which is Chico’s favourite

The ultimate challenge so far has been for Denise ,

Under whose unfailing good humor and superb teaching

Gordon created  a stunning Stack and Wack for our guest room.

He has just finished a wonderful quilt for my Dad’s 80th birthday…its in the mail and will be unveiled February 6

in Calgary



  1. Daphne Greig said,

    Sounds like he’s ‘hooked’! Great projects Gordon!

  2. Jim Hanna said,

    Truly a man of many talents. Chico has good taste, I like that one too. Any plans for a jeep top quilt? I hear there’s a market for them in Boulder.

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