January 13, 2010

Pillow case Party Debut

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Fun, did we ever have fun!

Listening intently to instruction

from Daphne


Measuring and Cutting


and finishing

Pressing perfection

A veritable production line.

and the happy



Tuesday February 2

Prairie Points with Denise


call  now to reserve your space


ONLY 8 spots each month-

reserve your days of fun now!

( technique and theme may change -check back for updates )

Sun Mar 14 11am – 2pm 60’s dye and Overdye Pillow Case

Thu Apr 15 10am – 11:30am Texture Magic accent detail

Sat May 8 10am – 11:30am Give and Take Applique .

Thu Jun 10 10am – 11:30am HOT DOG pillow case party.

Thu Jul 15 10pm – 11:30pm colour crayon transfers.

Sun Aug 15 11pm – 2am discharge pillows

Tue Sep 7 10:00am- 11:30 satin stitch applique

Sat Oct 16 10am – 11:30am Silk

Tue Nov 2 10am – 2pm flannel pillow case and matching pj bottoms

Wed Dec 1 10pm – 11:30pm incredible string patchwork


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