December 31, 2009

Pillow Case Parties

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The Venus Sophia Tea Room is my latest favourite place to go for tea or coffee. It is shabby chic , has great food and is  totally charming. Look for quilt shows there in the future.

Daphne Greig and I had coffee at Venus on last week  and discussed our ideas for the  ONE MILLION PILLOW CASE CHALLENGE .

The Cridge Center will be our pillowcase destination.

I talked with quilter and guild member Mimi Davis , coordinator of  The Cridge Respitality Program. The program provides parents of a child with a disability an opportunity to pause and be refreshed, providing a complimentary overnight stay for two in a hotel or bed-and-breakfast. Mimi would be thrilled to provide pillow cases to children and parents of the family.

If our pillow case parties are as successful and inspirational as we hope, we would also like to make pillow cases for other residents of The Cridge programs , especially the seniors .

Daphne has heard about a program for sending pillows to our military abroad or at sea, Pillows Abroad , with 5000 being sent to date .  I discovered the Heads At Ease project which says it well   “A pillow case is something personal,”   “It’s a permanent hug, when they lay down I like to think of it as that.”  We will focus on Canada day as the day for the cases to reach their destination.  I’ll make sure we have lots of Northcott’s great Maple leaf fabric!

Each month Satin Moon will have a Pillow Case Party with a theme.

Daphne and I will do the kick off Sunday January 10 with her new Temari Puzzle  design soon to be published in Quick Quilts .

Tuesday February 2 Denise will host a Prairie Point Pillow case Party. Hmm, prairie girls  like me will provide hot dishes and baked goods to keep up our strength up while Denise demos continuous prairie points do decorate our pillow cases .

Sunday Mar 14 11am – 2pm Brenda will host a Super 60’s dye and Overdye Pillow Case Party!  This will be a great day to use up fabric you don’t love and turn it into something wonderful.

In the works are other fun designer  pillow case party days, one  for each month

Thu Apr 15 10am – 11:30am Mother’s Day pillow cases with  Texture Magic accent detail

Sat May 8 10am – 11:30am father’s day pillow cases ,  Give and Take Applique with  Daphne.  I can envision a manly  a Stone Henge  trim on Northcott’s fabric by a similar name .

Thursday  Jun 10 10am – 11:30am, Gordon will host   a HOT DOG pillow case party.

Hot dog lunch provided, while me make pillow cases to send to our troops for Canada Day .

Thursday   Jul 15 10pm – 11:30pm I can hardly wait to have  parent child or  grandparent child day  to play with colour crayon transfers.

Sunday  Aug 15 11pm – 2amhow about some discharge pillows cases on old solids or dated dark fabrics  in August?

Tuesday  September  7, 10:00-am-2:00pm Denise will do a quick satin stitch applique workshop.

Sat Oct 16 10am – 11:30am Silk pillowcases dying by   me  or patchwork by Lois .

Tue Nov 2 10am – 2pm flannel pillow case and matching  pj bottoms are a must  in November

Wed Dec 1 10pm – 11:30pm there will be special holiday pillow case by Joan  like this incredible string patchwork from Sparklejars

The ideas are just starting…let me know yours!

Guest hosts  and specialty groups  welcome!

ONLY 8 spots each month-

reserve your days of fun now!

( technique and theme may change -check back for updates )

Sun Mar 14 11am – 2pm 60’s dye and Overdye Pillow Case

Thu Apr 15 10am – 11:30am Texture Magic accent detail

Sat May 8 10am – 11:30am Give and Take Applique .

Thu Jun 10 10am – 11:30am HOT DOG pillow case party.

Thu Jul 15 10pm – 11:30pm colour crayon transfers.

Sun Aug 15 11pm – 2am discharge pillows

Tue Sep 7 10:00am- 11:30 satin stitch applique

Sat Oct 16 10am – 11:30am Silk

Tue Nov 2 10am – 2pm flannel pillow case and matching accessory pj bottoms

Wed Dec 1 10pm – 11:30pm incredible string patchwork


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  1. Daphne Greig said,

    Sounds like the creative juices are flowing Brenda! Great post and information – can’t wait for next Sunday to get started.


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