December 17, 2009

Quilt Philanthropy- 8 for Eight Opening

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Joan, our seamstress,  has made quilts for most of her life. At sixteen,  she used fabric pieces remaining from dresses she made for herself and her three sisters.

I thought of Joan’s magic when I saw this dress by


Joan has made quilts for her nieces and nephews, their partners and children, her friends and mentors.She has made a bakers dozen of the Welcome to the North Pole quilt, each one totally personalized for the recipient.

She has made quilts for every season, celebration and memory important to her. She loves to share her stories about the life of the quilt, its character and meaning.

Joan’s sense of design and colour, her whimsy and humor, her love of beauty and nature, are richly apparent in each and every one of her creations. Like Joan ,they enrich our lives and bring us joy.

Quilt making is her passion, her solace and her art.

“8 of Eight” was her special Christmas show to celebrate the joy of giving.

Joan is a also a part time receptionist at The Cridge Center for The Family.

In April , when she heard about The Cridge’s plan to build eight apartments for women in need, she immediately decided that she wanted to make a quilt for each of the women.

These are to be comfort quilts for the women .

Before long the process of “putting the pieces together” for the quilts had taken on a new and much deeper meaning.

While creating these eight “scrap” quilts, Joan faced her own old wounds and fears.

She realized that the quilts had become the stories of women – herself and others. “They are about survival. I learned to look at things with different eyes.”

Sewing the pieces together for each quilt,  Joan was able to understand “the power in the process of making a new whole”.

These quilts are Joan’s gift to the women, an acknowledgment of their pain and their strength, and the strength of the love and the support of others. They have been  presented to the women by Joan along with  hand made placemats and spa bags donated by the customers of Satin Moon.

During the show opening, a special field trip for the  senior residents of The Cridge was arranged. It was our great pleasure to share the colour and magic of Satin Moon and Joan’s show.

and the craft bazaar

filled with the  work of other talented Satin Moon community.

Now the quilts have left Satin Moon and are  sharing  their love and joy with eight wonderful and deserving women.


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  1. shirley sugden said,

    I have been the recipiant of many of Joan’s fabulous quilts. The most recent one,” Christmas Critters”, was mine to keep until my first grandchild came along. Three days after I recieved the amazing gift my daughter announced that she and her partner are expecting a baby next summer.Wow, she is psychic too.When I phoned Joan to share the exciting news she immediately started planning quilts for the nursery. I am overwhelmed by Joans talent and her amazing generousity.This latest project of Joans is a perfect example of the spirit Christmas that is alive and well all year long in Joans heart. I am so proud of her and am thankful to have a sister like her .

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