December 8, 2009

Quick Scrap Crafts For Christmas

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Design Mom Birthday garland- can’t you see it in all your Christmas scraps?

Just noodling around looking for images I came across these cute ideas, that got me on a search for a few quick projects to share with you.

Fabric Wreath


1. Cut out a stack of fabric squares and proceed by taking the first piece and placing it over the wreath. Use the stylus or knitting needle and insert it in the center of the fabric and poke the fabric into the wreath. The styrofoam will normally hold the fabric without glue.

2. Continue adding new scrap pieces close to the previously added piece and continue in the same manner as step one until the entire front, inside and outside of the wreath is full. If you missed a section, you can always add more scraps afterwards.

3. Create a bow using the ribbon and adhere to the wreath.

I love this frosty wreath , though I would love to make it from the retro  HAVE A SHERRI BERRY HOLIDAY from Northcott .

I have seen a couple of women wearing variations of these cute scarves. Some scarves have long shaggy ends, and Angelina or sparkle novelty yarn mixed in.

Made of  blacks, neutrals  and golds they can be very CHIC. My choices would be the Stof  Japanese Lifestyle

or Robert Kauffman Imperial Fusions . says

I just tied the strips together, making for a very raggedy look, and knit it entirely in garter stitch. Pick a size that will best work with the scrap pallet that’s been chosen. Size 8 needles are probably a good place to start.


How about this one  ?   –   Cute for the big girls and fun with the grandkids.

just roll fabric strips and wrap with string


adorable rug, for beloved dog or cat , or squishy on the toes

Line  up scraps on a long piece of fabric and sew a whole bunch of strips.  Attached to a  foundation fabric ( about 2′ X 3′  for this  project.)


Here is a project for those of you asking me what to do with vintage buttons .


or a scrappy butterfly from ( see her butterfly mobile)


My very old-time favourite is yoyo’s . I love the Clover Yo Yo makers

because they are fool proof and mindless…There are many great ideas on the Clover  website,

like  miniature Christmas trees

or this bra made from flower yoyo’s.

And yes , we usually do have yoyo makers at Satin Moon. Just ask!


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