November 27, 2009


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I love playing with Angelina fiber. It comes in two basic forms,


in Jelly bean size bites for sampling

and sheets of film

These are great for scrapbooks, art quilts , landscape quilts like this one by Linda Schmidt,



and anything that needs glitz like this fabulous vest from Wildonion.

I particularly like to inset little mosaic bits into layers of Angelina

and add textures to multiple layers bonded together


  • Will adhere only to itself with heat and pressure (but will melt).
  • Use appliqué sheets gloss side (or paper towel – light texture).
  • Dry iron on silk setting.
  • Iron a few seconds depending on colour, type and density.
  • Picks up texture easily.
  • Cool before pulling off protector sheets.

Straight cut: softer, 15 Denier (width of cut)
Crimped (Tinzl, Cryastallina) 58 Denier, jagged edge,
-Wider and SHINIER
-More intense colour
-More texture
MIX TOGETHER for medium shine

Film: Textiva, Fantasy Film
Hot Fix and non-bondable

Washable, Dryable, dry cleanable (after stitching)


  • Teflon appliqué sheet

  • Scissors
  • Bonash

  • Wunderunder or steam a seam
  • Paper towel
  • Sponge or other stamps
  • Iron or appliqué iron
  • Tapered chopstick( for wrapping beads and moving around the fibers )

I have assembled  many ideas on the Satin Moon Web site that we tried out at our FAE art quilters group. I hope you enjoy them as much as we do. Please send e-photos of your Angelina experiments and creations.


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  1. Jano said,

    Hi All: Angelina is the best stuff for using on dolls, fibre art and quilts- also great to sprinkle just a few strands of it on a fibre collage to add a bit of bling. I LOVE SATIN MOON JanW

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