November 25, 2009

Quilt Angel Opportunities at Satin Moon

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Welcome Quilt at The Cridge Transition House

Giving, caring and comfort are the foundation of the quilting community. Having devoted over thirty years of my life to public school teaching, working toward the common good is an important facet of my life that dovetails nicely with the greater quilting community and Satin Moon.

This holiday season Satin Moon is expanding its commitment to The Cridge , and The Cridge Transition House for Women.

Our Seamstress Joan G is busy completing eight quilts to give to eight new residents of The Cridge Transition House for Women. The quilts will be on display at Satin Moon December 5-17, before being given to the new residents. It is our hope to add to these loving gifts with eight new donated cosmetic bags . I have two Clinique bags full of new cosmetic samples, saved just for this opportunity.

I hope that some of you will be able to provide 6 more. The Nanaimo Quilters Guild girls send me back with a bag stuffed with toiletries to start our ongoing collection.

We will continually collect gift cosmetic bags and new travel size toiletries to provide gifts to new residents as they enter and exit The Cridge Transition House. In addition The Cridge has asked us to participate in their cell phone recycling program which will provide the women with cell phones and initial coverage. Your old cell phones can be mailed or dropped off at Satin Moon and picked up by The Cridge staff for recycling and distribution. Contact Candace Stretch Assistant Manager of Women’s & Family Services (250) 995 6404 for more information

One more box is waiting to collect eyeglasses and sunglasses for CHILDREN and adults. As a proud Chinatown Lioness I am participating in the Lions Club Operation Eye Care. This program was established to provide reconditioned, recycled eyeglasses to developing countries around the world. The Lighthouse sends approximately 100,000 pairs of glasses overseas each year. Gord and I collected 6 pairs of reading glasses and 3 pairs of prescription glasses plus 2 pairs of sunglasses just from our own “stash” . Once again, the Nanaimo guild members sent back 3 pairs of children’s glasses to start our collection. These too can be mailed or brought in to the store, all year long.

For more opportunities , check out our links page– and send me more links and ideas to add.


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  1. air laut said,

    You couldnt be more on the level!!

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