November 20, 2009

Nanaimo Notes and Bargello Dreams

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The Nanaimo Guild 25th Anniversary Quilt

My birthday celebrations continued as we drove up Island in light rain through the emerald farm county. Our destination was the Nanaimo Quilters’ guild where I presented Lisa Moore’s Quilts with Twist trunk show to the afternoon and evening meetings. In turn they feted me with birthday wishes and a heavenly strawberry mousse. What a lovely surprise!


It is always fun to visit with a guild, to meet the members and see the amazing projects. Among other things the Nanaimo guild was collecting an fabulous stack of Christmas place mats for Meals on Wheels

But what impressed me the VERY most was the heartfelt welcome and encompassing friendship they extend to their new members. The Nanaimo guild is a stellar example of all things good.

Between meetings we were pampered with a fabulous home made meal by our good friend and designer Eileen Wright.

We met Eileen soon after moving to Victoria and have been privileged to watch and encourage the development of her bargello designs, patterns and new book.

Eileen’s first quilts at Satin Moon were

Aurora Borealis

And Island Sunset

Super Nova was last years show stopper at the Victoria sewing show. In Satin Moon’s Booth of course.

Cosmic Twist is a favourite for our window- the perfect ocean quilt.

Infinity is waiting to be placed in the front window, and is the quilt that Eileen will teach in her workshop at Satin Moon next spring.

Satin Moon is one of only 3 locations that are lucky enough to carry her patterns.

Over dinner Eileen excitedly discussed the quilts and ideas for her NEXT book.

SUCH talent and energy!

Martingale has done a masterful designing and printing job. Twist and Turn Bargello Quilts is as much a coffee table beauty as a comprehensive instructional guide and inspiration. If you can, come in mid December through mid January to see the large quilts, and enjoy a this outstanding book.


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