November 18, 2009

Batty for Batting!

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I am being showered with birthday blessing today. I have so many wonderful interesting and loving people in my life. Everyday in the Satin Moon is a new adventure.

Since I picked the metaphor of warm and fuzzy, I’ll share my thought on batting.

By far my personal favourite is Tuscany wool. It is washable and bonded- so does not shift and can be quilted 4” apart. Everyone that has tried it, especially for hand quilting, loves it. Our seamstress Joan, used it on last year’s mystery quilt:

I love it because it gives fantastic stitch definition because of the very springy fibers. Of course wool is a renewable resource.

At Satin Moon we mainly carry the Hobbs brand battings, with Heirloom 80/20 being the most popular for both hand and machine quilting . Gordon’s favourite is the iron on 80/20 batting . He hates to pin. You just sandwich it between the top and the backing and press. It is repositionable and forgiving. And then when you are ready to quilt- just do it!

We also have 100% organic and plain cotton batting.

Another great, very dense and heavy needle punched cotton batting is Warm & White.

Sometimes I special order silk battings, but most people feel these are too hard to work with unless they are making an all silk quilt.

Most people prefer synthetic batting for babies and children because the quilts are washed so often. I have just brought in a new baby quilt batting Warm & Safe that is inherently and permanently fire retardant due to a high silica content. It will not melt, flow or emit toxic gases when exposed to heat and flame, it is not-toxic, non-allergenic and does not contain PBDE’s.

Joan’s favourite for children’s quilts is Pellon Cloud 9 because of its silky softness and drape.

Bamboo also has an incredibly soft hand and drape, and has the stamp of approval by our designers and staff.

For clothing, table ware and wall hangings, the consensus is Thermore, a light bonded polyester with good drape and stability.

We are always bringing in a trying new types, but the old favourites do rule.

Basically your batting decision should be based on the type of quilting you are going to do, including how much and how tightly spaced, and how often the article is going to be used and washed. Always talk to your local quilt shop professionals!

Check our battings page out and don’t hesitate to email or call us with questions about our battings.


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