November 6, 2009

Squaring Up~

Posted in Techniques and Materials at 12:51 am by satinmoon

Here are two excellent articles to read first about whether to square up or not and how much to worry about it. A basic question is always the purpose of the quilt. Is it going to be in a provincial or national competition where such things are judged?

Unfortunately, minutiae such as the thickness of the thread you are using for sewing, ultimately affect the precision of your quilt . Each tiny + or – keeps adding up to and inch or two- especially on a large quilt.

The most draconian solution is to disassemble the entire quilt and resquare all the blocks. I know of two quilters who have unpicked all the quilting and done this.

Less intensive is to unpick the quilting, remove the binding and resquare the quilt.

Would we at Satin Moon bother? NO! Next time we would just try and control the micro math a little more.

Quilting is an art form of love, not, for most people, a science.

Square up a Quilt

To Square or Not to Square

The Quilt University, where two of our local designers and teachers also teach, provides these suggestions and video.

And check How to Square up Quilt Blocks as well!

Sincerely, Brenda Stengel


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