November 4, 2009


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History happened in front of Satin Moon last week on Friday October
30. We were in the direct path of the Olympic torch ‘s arrival to

Security and media coverage was pretty intense for sleepy little
Victoria with two helicopters hovering overhead, and an honor guard
of 3 thundering Snowbirds flying formation.

While the welcoming ceremony was happening down at the harbour in
front of the legislature building , we waited out front of Satin Moon
in the drizzle for the arrival of the police cavalcade and the
sponsors “parade”. The highly energetic cheerleaders encouraging happy
frenzy and handed out tiny, cute blue tambourines.

Of course our great Starbucks neighbours came out with hot chocolate and coffee handouts. Part of the excitement was chatting with customers and friends about
who we knew carrying the torches.

From across the plaza we saw the flames shared and ignite. Flags waved
to a crescendo of cheers and clapping as Barbara Fosdick ran right
past us. Barbara is a 85-year-old veteran of the Second World War who
served as a gunner attached to the Royal Artillery in England and was
among the first women to help bring down a German plane as it
dive-bombed ships in the Newcastle harbour. Very fitting to have this
amazing woman grace our store.

Afterwards we congregated inside Satin Moon and our Bonnie modeled
her fabulous spirit outfit in front of the Northcott Canadian Olympic
flannel and Daphne Grieg’s Mountains and Medals pattern.

For more stories and photos go to :
Final Torch Bearer for Victoria is Jeneece!
Victoria Spirit


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  1. Barbara attends our church…St Philips. so neat!

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