October 29, 2009


Posted in Special Events tagged at 6:49 pm by satinmoon

Our prairie sisters at the Saskatoon’s 2009 Quilt Show outdid themselves with a superbly organized, beautiful and talent filled show. I can hardly wait until they post
all their photos.


Road trips and trade shows are a small, exhausting but favourite part of Satin Moon life. Weeks of planning start with deciding what to take, ordering special items and creating kits.

I do a general floor plan and then organize the packing by table, theme and designer- so that when we unpack, there is a logic to the set up – not unlike the student art shows and water colour shows of my past.

Gord is in charge of the boxing, labeling and pallet… thanks to his many years of show experience in the automotive industry – Bestop Mfg, KC Hi Lights and Haynes Publishing.

We flew to Saskatoon and shipped our goodies along with Hammel’s (thank you Pauline), Stitches, and Cloth Shop. It was exciting to have such a strong showing from the west coast – each of us with a very distinctive flair.

We were booked into a wonderful B &B, with Darryl and Lola. Each day started with a fabulous, healthy breakfast and ended with an exhausted, blissful sleep. Late night suppers were enjoyed at Calories, Truffles and 2nd Ave Bar and Grill. We missed Bliss – hopefully we’ll try them next time.

Thursday after the Truck and palette arrived, Rachael H. helped us set up the booth. She did a fabulous job of designing and arranging the Pacific West display of Lisa Moore quilts, and taking care of us. In 12 hours the black curtained space transformed into a cornucopia of sensory delight of quilt show and vendors. The evening was spent searching out a few more display baskets, stool for Gordon and candy for our customers, before grabbing a bite at a Calories and collapsing at our B&B.


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