October 8, 2009


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An important part of the Satin Moon mission statement is to celebrate and promote local talent.

Each month we mount a quilt show featuring a local artist or friend of Satin Moon. This month Lorie and her grandson Cole are  gracing  Satin Moon with their marvelous quilts, bears and sculptures.

The Satin Moon window is aglow with warm rich colours of Lorie’s stack and whack and island sunset bargello stack and whack and island sunset bargello.

The opening was such fun. The store was packed with family friends .

quilt 125

Adding to the mix was a class  of  Susan Purney Mark’s art quilters and visitors from a cruise ship.

quilt 136 quilt 134

quilt 133 quilt 132

Cole had an especially good time showing his quilts and sculpture.

Lorie’s  fruit sack and whack was the perfect  setting for some harvest goodies- including island fresh pumpkin cake  and home made marshmallows.

quilt 115

Lorie had special memories to share of every quilt she made – especially the one embroidered by her mother.


I have had a love for quilts, not sewing, since my early 20’s but didn’t start quilting for close to three decades later. I am not like most quilters who, from a young age have had a love for sewing. I didn’t like sewing clothes, nothing fit and I found the whole process too frustrating. However, much to my delight I like making quilts. To me it’s not “sewing”. It is taking beautiful fabric and creating a beautiful, functional and/or artistic legacy for my family.

I made my first quilt; Trip around the World, seven years ago with my sister and her quilting friend. I didn’t do much after that until three years ago when I went to an open house at Satin Moon after they had recently moved to this location. I very timidly came to see what it was all about. I distinctly remember asking Brenda if I could quilt when I am not a “math” person. She assured me it was possible! So I bought a kit, took it home and was on my way with much help from my husband, Ron and later from Pat and the others in my satellite quilting group which I was invited to join.
I’ve since taken many, many classes here at Satin Moon as the number of quilts in my show will attest to. I wouldn’t be a quilter today if not for Brenda’s much appreciated encouragement and that of the wonderful, talented teachers who have so patiently taken me step-by-step in my journey to today.

I’ve since, thanks to Brenda’s encouragement, branched out into the art/fiber art side of quilting and I love it. To me it isn’t as strict or structured as quilt making. It allows me to be more creative and opens up a whole new direction to work in thanks to the wide range of classes Brenda offers.

I also now do Paverpol statues thanks to my friend, Jeannine. I’ve learned and grown so much that I now feel fairly comfortable with this medium. So much so that I’ve taught my 9 year old grandson, Cole, to make his own “guy”.

I am also teaching Cole to quilt and encourage his growth and creativity. It makes me very happy to be able to pass on some of what I’ve learned to him. Plus the added bonus of spending more time with him.

I have many people to thank for the help and encouragement along the way. I especially thank my husband, Ron, for his patience in all those quilts shops from here to Paducah, Kentucky to attend the big quilt show. I thank him for his encouragement and last but not least for custom building me a wonderful, bright large studio. I love it!


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