October 6, 2009

Pink Placemats Contest!

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Pink Placemats Contest

Quilters celebrate, commemorate and memorialize with works of beauty and heart.

Friday October 2 , we celebrated life with our Pink Place Mat Tea. Thirteen amazing woman made time in their busy lives to create heartfelt petite quilts to raise money for Breast Cancer services in Canada.  Many visitors have increased that contribution by voting for their favourite place mat. You can contribute too by contributing at least $2 to vote for your favourite place mat(s) . We will tally the votes on Halloween and announce the winners on All Saints Day (November 1).

Pink Contest Placemat
“Spread the Word”
by Joan

I chose friendship/best girlfriends category because when I saw that embroidery design, it reminded me of special friends made in the workplace before I retired. It started with 3 of us who shared a passion for the sport of figure skating. That is all we talked about during breaks. Then we decided to go to “Worlds” when they were held in Edmonton in 1996.

From that wonderful experience, we then planned for Vancouver in 2000, but this time there were now five of us. You can imagine the chitchat happening between us! Then in 2005, it was held in Calgary and we were now six. Talk about “spread the word”.

We have always kept in touch and still have animated discussions on judging, jumps new skills/programs and our favourite to win. We still meet for coffees and try to get together during worlds to spend an evening together.

Pink Contest Placemat
“Memories of Joyce… my aunt”
by Lois

I met Aunt Joyce for the first time when I was 16 years old but during all the years before, I had received a beautiful handmade gift from her every Christmas.

I finally got to know Joyce when I was 40 years old and living in Toronto. We spent many years crafting together, shopping together – we both loved creating with our hands – we became good friends. I returned to Victorua just when she was diagnosed with breast cancer – she had the mastectomy, had the chemo, and survived only to have it metastasize to her brain two years later. She succumbed to this horrible disease in 1994.

I’m grateful that she and I were able to share those few short years and get to know each other.

Pink Contest Placemat
“Loving Hearts”
by Judy

This mat is dedicated to my grandmother and friends that I’ve lost through cancer. I don’t really have a story but have had friends and loved ones struggle with cancer so if I can do anything in some small way such as sew a place mat to raise funds, I’m happy to help.

Pink Contest Placemat
“Joined by the Heart”
by Anne

This is a tribute to all Mothers and daughtrs who have been impacted with Cancer. My mom was diagnosed with Breast Cancer when I was 15 years old and she was 45 years old. She was a widow with three children and through it all she put the three of us first. I am happy to report that Mom had her 87th birthday this year, still lives on her own. Remember we are all joined at the heart and by being there we can make even the worst day better. This year my daughter who is living in Regina is participating in the Run for a Cure to further our commitment to finding a cure for Cancer.

Pink Contest Placemat
by Bonnie

This is a deeply personal symbol of my friends’ help through my struggle.

Pink Contest Placemat
by Laura

My first child was my cat Bogart who liked to hunt birds so we immediately bought a bell. Sometimes after my daughter was born, I found the pink and mauve cat fabric with cats with bells and I thought it would be perfect for a quilt for her. She was a cat lover too. I soon discovered that she was not a pastel pink kind of girl, so the fabric has sat waiting for a project. I made her a bright cat quilt which she still loves. So this placemat celebrates my first child – my cat. It’s also a testament of love and respect for my daughter whose individuality I treasure every day, whose unique perspective makes me proud, whose inner beauty shines brightly.

Pink Contest Placemat
by Sandra

I really did not have a story. I just wanted to participate because it was a great opportunity to create and donate to a worthwhile cause.

My mother died of cancer (not brease) and my husband is a cancer survivor.

Thank you for providing this opportunity.

Pink Contest Placemat
“Getting Dottie”
by Eileen

What is one more little placemat when you are already in over load? I love Satin Moon. Brenda is such a great support to sew many quilters and always offers so much encouragement to one and all. Of course I wanted to make a pink placemat for her “PINK” contest. I was already making a set as pattern samples for another shop so what was one more? Hah hah. The fabric is a pretty new line from RJR and pink needs some contrast so the brown offers a nice change from the usual. So here it is – my dottie placemat. When the placemat was finished, I read the rules on the Satin Moon website – sure hope my fabrics are pink enough but once you get dottie you probably stay dottie. Aren’t rules like instructions? If all else fails, you read them!

Pink Contest Placemat
“Des Fleurs en Rose”
by Michelle

I first used this pattern a couple of years ago to make a set of placemats for a friend, and three of the fabrics Ii used then I was able to use again in this piece. The original design is rom the book Provence, Quilts and Cuisine by Marie- Christine Flocard and Cosabeth Parriaud. It’s a simple pattern but one that I have been able to adapt in distinctly different ways such as using several Japanese indigo prints in a set of placemats for my son’s apartment and creating a whimsical Christmas table runner to send to friends in England. This placemat is machine pieced and quilted.

This time, I’ve added some bolder fabrics I previously used in two projects for my daughter. I have also replaced the original “peach with stem and leaves” appliqués (which my husband said looked like rabbits’ heads) with bright pink appliqué flowers. These flower designs are from Sandra Millet’s books Quilting the Savory Garden. The appliqués are needle turned.

In making this placemat, I wanted to create a sense of the potential joy and energy there is to be had from flowers and colours – to say nothing of friends – and I hoped that it would generate some smiles.

Pink Contest Placemat
“To the End”
by Jan

Cancer has affected my whole life. My parents, aunts, uncles, and lately my cousin have all died from Colon Cancer. I have no Aunts/Uncles left. My family history is now my three cousins.

My husband’s cousin has just been diagnosed with breast cancer –
I want this disease to end!!!!

Pink Contest Placemat
“Follow your Passion”
by Anne

This fun placemat is really a little larger than normal to address that we need to follow our passion no matter what that passion is!!!!

Life comes with no guarantees so:

Follow your heart.
Pursue your passions (mine is quilting).
Eat dessert first!
Never leave home or end a phone call without saying I love you!

Remember life is not a dress rehearsal!

Pink Contest Placemat
by Sarah

Although I haven’t had any close friends or family be affected by breast cancer, I did have the pleasure of volunteering at a hospice as a teenager. I’m a firm believer in laughter being a form of medicine. Nothing beats a good giggle, and hope my creation spreads the smiles and hope that one day we’ll beat breast cancer and have the last laugh.


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