September 29, 2009

Special Groups at Satin Moon: Cloth-a-Dollics

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Cloth-a dollics satellite group creates at Satin Moon each Monday afternoon.

Jan is fashioning felted doll- bit voodoo at this point!

Jan’s new bag made by recycled bits!

Charlotte is working on troll nostrils- she did not like the shape of the first prototype.

Jeannine‘s witch is a stump doll-with no legs. Note the incredible detail including spiders on the broom, crow on the hat (also fashioned by Jeanine) and the picotee edge, with spider, on the sleeve.

Cloth dolls for textile artists is an inspiring book with lots of layering and burning projects and interesting techniques- such as these hands.

Marjan, as always is creating and exquisite pixies doll resplendent with lace.

Drop by Mondays to meet all these personalities. Check out the great couturier lace bits, Treenways silk ribbons and other fabulous embellishments we have on hand at Satin Moon.

Share your art doll creations on line with us!


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  1. Jano said,

    Our doll group has such a fun time at Satin moon on Monday afternoons, with friends and staff- its all good!!!!!

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