September 23, 2009

Fabric Fabric Fabric!

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quilt 142

Every month several fabric representatives, from the major Canadian fabric distribution companies – like Trendtex, CSM and Harpers , representing all the major fabric companies like Moda and Kaufamn, call on Satin Moon. They bring SUITCASES  full of crisp laser images and actual fabric samples.

quilt 145

quilt 143

From the approximately 400,00 new fabrics previewed at Quilt Market each  year the importers select and create sample cards of  hundreds of thousands of quilting fabrics for the Canadian market .

Wonderful reps like Dennis patiently show all the lines to me, and over two to three hours of intense decision making, I arrange and select the fabrics that I think will please and excite you to create the quilts of your dreams.

quilt 146

I often get the opinions of staff and customers.

quilt 144

Often fabrics are ordered 6 months or earlier before they debut at the store. It is becoming more common to only see printed paper from which to order. The companies then print the yardage according to the pre orders- so if a shop does not order, you have virtually no chance of getting the fabric!

A wonderful new Christmas 2010 edition of the Paper dolls will be available next May- so I did pre- order several bolts.  Crazy to be ordering for Christmas of NEXT year!


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  1. Jano said,

    We love it when the fabric guys visit-delicious stuff

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